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Housefrau, House TV Playlists 1995-1996

ShowShow#DateType#ArtistTitleLabelAlbum/diskAudio avail.Video avail.
HF 31.03.95 #49
Studiogast & Live Performance: Rob Acid
HF4995.03.31Video1 Ultramarine Hooter (Carl Craig Remix)yesyes
HF4995.03.31Video2 Yves DeRuyter Calling earthyesyes
HF4995.03.31Video3 Speedy J PepperX-Mix 3yesyes
HF4995.03.31Video4 Broccoli Bros. Catch itradikal fearyesyes
HF4995.03.31Video5 Dominica Gotta let you goyesyes
HF4995.03.31Video6 Acrid Abeyance Exposure trackyesyes
HF4995.03.31Video7 Cenobyte Tales from the A-sideyesyes
HF4995.03.31Event0 Rob Acid Liveyesno
HF4995.03.31Platten1 1-900 Keep him on the phoneStrictly RhythmyesN/A
HF4995.03.31Platten2 Johnny Fiasco Get up [CAJ 223]CajualyesN/A
HF4995.03.31Platten3 Angel Moraes Welcome to the factoryHot'n SpicyyesN/A
HF4995.03.31Platten4 Chocolate City Love songs [DDR 005]Deep Dish RecordingsyesN/A
HF4995.03.31Platten5 Creators of Deepness Creators of DeepnessPower Music DistributionyesN/A
HF 07.04.95 #50
Thema: Best of Housefrau
HF5095.04.07Video1 Strike U sure doyesyes
HF5095.04.07Video2 Biochip C The Moog Track (Inside Chapter 2)anodyneyesyes
HF5095.04.07Video3 Komakino Outfaceyesyes
HF5095.04.07Video4 Members Of Mayday Bells of reformationyesyes
HF5095.04.07Video5 Lazonby Sacred cyclesyesyes
HF5095.04.07Video6 Aurora Borealis Razyesyes
HF5095.04.07Video7 Jam & Spoon's Hands On Yello You gotta say yes to another excessyesyes
HF5095.04.07Video8 Raver's Nature Take offyesyes
HF5095.04.07Video9 Moby Feeling so real (WestBam Remix)yesyes
HF5095.04.07Video10 Yves DeRuyter Calling earthyesyes
HF5095.04.07Platten1 Sweet Reinhard M [Profan 005]ProfanyesN/A
HF5095.04.07Platten2 Mike Ink Dadajack ProfanyesN/A
HF5095.04.07Platten3 Purveyors of Fine Funk [unknown release; probably PF032 - Space Is The Place]PeacefrogyesN/A
HF5095.04.07Platten4 Kotai Ring hardElektroyesN/A
HF5095.04.07Platten5 Robert Hood The rhythm of visionNova MuteyesN/A
HF 14.04.95 #51
Thema: Sabine Christ's Miami Special; Interview mit Jeyenne
HF5195.04.14Video1 Real 2 Reel Conwayyesyes
HF5195.04.14Video2 Gut & Lane Yadi Yadiyesyes
HF5195.04.14Video3 Dominica Gotta let you goyesyes
HF5195.04.14Video4 Bobby Brown Two can play that gameyesyes
HF5195.04.14Video5 Ultra Nate How longyesyes
HF5195.04.14Video6 Barbara Tucker Beautiful peopleyesyes
HF5195.04.14Video7 Crystal Waters What I needyesyes
HF5195.04.14Video8 Billy Ray Martin Your loving armsyesyes
HF5195.04.14Video9 Bucketheads The Bombyesyes
HF5195.04.14Platten1 Janet Rushmore Try my loveyesN/A
HF5195.04.14Platten2 Judy Cheeks RespectPositivayesN/A
HF5195.04.14Platten3 Fury PainMurk Rec.yesN/A
HF5195.04.14Platten4 Romanthony WandererCasual Rec.yesN/A
HF 21.04.95 #52
Thema: Chromapark II - Special
HF5295.04.21Video1 Quench Hope (Elevator Mix)yesno
HF5295.04.21Video2 Dave Angel Artech (X-Mix 4)yesyes
HF5295.04.21Video3 M Razzia 2yesyes
HF5295.04.21Video4 Gilgamesh S.e.r.t.yesno
HF5295.04.21Video5 Final Fantasy Controlling transmissionyesyes
HF5295.04.21Video6 Taucher Infinityyesyes
HF5295.04.21Video7 Dave Angel Lagoon (X-Mix 4)yesyes
HF5295.04.21Video8 Kenny Larkin Soul man (X-Mix 4)yesyes
HF5295.04.21Video9 Chez Damier Help myself (X-Mix 4)yesyes
HF5295.04.21Video10 Winx Don't Laughyesyes
HF5295.04.21Platten1 SMC Unity make it happenmercuryyesN/A
HF5295.04.21Platten2 Deep Course feat. Leland alivepeppermint jamyesN/A
HF 28.04.95 #53
HF 05.05.95 #54
Thema: MayDay Special (Zusammenfassung)

No videos (?)
HF 12.05.95 #55
Thema: Paris Special (Sabine)
HF5595.05.12Video1 DJ Eric Sneo forces of natureyesno
HF5595.05.12Video2 Laurent Garnier astral dreamsyesyes
HF5595.05.12Video3 The Bloom Of Gutter (B.O.G.) the world of illusory desires yesyes
HF5595.05.12Video4 Formic Acid eterniayesyes
HF5595.05.12Video5 LFO (L.F.O.) tied upyesyes
HF5595.05.12Video6 Recall-A-Rena unity (rmx'94)yesno
HF5595.05.12Video7 Aurora Borealis the milky wayyesyes
HF5595.05.12Video8 Laurent Garnier go to sleepyesyes
HF 19.05.95 #56
Thema: Club Convention München / Evolution Rave Schweiz
HF5695.05.19Video1 DJ Jo space harmony (dj gary d. rmx)no respectyesno
HF5695.05.19Video2 DJ Hell eat my housedisko byesyes
HF5695.05.19Video3 Patrick Lindsey / No Soul paralyseharthouseyesno
HF5695.05.19Video4 The Bloom Of Gutter [B.O.G.] the world of illusory desiresharthouseyesno
HF5695.05.19Video5 Yves Deruyter calling earthbonzaiyesyes
HF5695.05.19Video6 Aqualite the wavemakersuck me plasmayesyes
HF5695.05.19Video7 Laibach warintercordyesyes
HF5695.05.19Video8 Workshop i wish i had uladomatyesyes
HF 26.05.95 #57
Thema: Rave & Cruise Report
HF5795.05.26Video1 A.W.E.X. (AWeX) it's our futureyesyes
HF5795.05.26Video2 Bucketheads the bombyesyes
HF5795.05.26Video3 The ORB oxbow lakesyesyes
HF5795.05.26Video4 Andreas Dorau stoned faces don't lie (Ilsa Gold rmx)yesyes
HF5795.05.26Video5 Sequencial sea shellsyesyes
HF5795.05.26Video6 Synesthasia reptilharthouseyesno
HF5795.05.26Video7 Sven Väth la esperanzaeye qyesyes
HF 02.06.95 #58
Thema: Time Warp (Mannheim) / 1.Munich Union Move
Gast: Ata & Heiko (Delirium) / Claude Young
HF5895.06.02Video1 Speedy J g-spotyesyes
HF5895.06.02Video2 AWEX it's our futureyesyes
HF5895.06.02Video3 Towa Tei technovayesyes
HF5895.06.02Video4 Ongaku mihon no. 3yesyes
HF5895.06.02Video5 Quench be good to me [vocal edit]yesyes
HF5895.06.02Video6 Andreas Dorau die sonneyesyes
HF5895.06.02Platten1 Freaky Chakralightdarklight / lowdown motivatorastralwerks ukyesN/A
HF5895.06.02Platten2 TATA Box Inhibitors stabilizertouchéyesN/A
HF5895.06.02Platten3 Ocra-Alpha (Scott Robinson and Nebula II) invisible (syndicate)collideinvisible [ide 005]yesN/A
HF5895.06.02Platten4 Deep Level murray walkerjust create rec.yesN/A
HF5895.06.02Platten5 Underworld born slippyjunior boys ownyesN/A
HF5895.06.02Platten6 Air Liquide stroboplasticsyesN/A
HF5895.06.02Platten7 Model 500 deep spaceyesN/A
HF 09.06.95 #59
Gast: Juan Atkins (Live Mix) / Dr. Motte
HF5995.06.09Video1 Marusha deepyesyes
HF5995.06.09Video2 Celvin Rotane i believeyesyes
HF5995.06.09Video3 Hardsequencer sound transformationyesyes
HF5995.06.09Event4 Juan Atkins live mix
HF5995.06.09Video5 Robert Görl happy gatheringyesno
HF5995.06.09Video6 3 Phase feat. Dr. Motte der klang der familieyesyes
HF5995.06.09Video7 Popcorn tap-moi-laultraphonicyesyes
HF5995.06.09Video8 Oval do whileyesyes
HF 16.06.95 #60
Thema: Cubic 95 Rave Schweiz / Best of Housefrau
Gast: Locust
HF6095.06.16Video1 Jam & Spoon's Hands On Yello you gotta say yes to another excessyesyes
HF6095.06.16Video2 AWEX it's our futureyesyes
HF6095.06.16Video3 Yves Deruyter calling earthbonzaiyesyes
HF6095.06.16Event4 Plattentips
HF6095.06.16Video5 DJ Hell eat my houseyesyes
HF6095.06.16Video6 Marusha deepyesyes
HF6095.06.16Video7 Winx don't laughyesyes
HF6095.06.16Platten1 OlexUntitled (Doubledouble) [SCR-102]steel city rec.yesN/A
HF6095.06.16Platten2 Future Funk dark side of the moondeliriumyesN/A
HF6095.06.16Platten3 Robert Hood m-plant 04m-plantyesN/A
HF6095.06.16Platten4 Nico Vorkapich the wire (live wire ep)missile 03 ukyesN/A
HF6095.06.16Platten5 Speedy J "double-pack" [not sure which release it was; perhaps a 2x12" PLUS8051 (G-Spot)]plus 8noN/A
HF6095.06.16Platten6 Chemical Brothers leave homejunior boys ownyesN/A
HF 23.06.95 #61
Gast: DJ BBM (Live Mix)
HF6195.06.23Video1 2 N Won legal reason for a trip [Unser Haus Steht In Köln 2x12" HT 5-004-5]house traxxnono
HF6195.06.23Video2 Air Liquide zeitgeberyesyes
HF6195.06.23Video3 IO libreyesyes
HF6195.06.23Event4 Plattentips
HF6195.06.23Video5 Future Sound of London amoebayesyes
HF6195.06.23Video6 Subsurfing the number readersyesyes
HF6195.06.23Event7 BBM live mix
HF6195.06.23Video8 Moby into the blueyesyes
HF6195.06.23Platten1 White Jazz strange fruitntayesN/A
HF6195.06.23Platten2 Misjahroon turn me onjinx rec.yesN/A
HF6195.06.23Platten3 Lost Sector D1 (not german - uk!) [fishtank 001]fishtankyesN/A
HF6195.06.23Platten4 Eat Static implant [Transmissions From The Planet Dog]planet dog ukyesN/A
HF6195.06.23Platten5 Scan X eternal deep [intrinsic mind ep]f-communicationsyesN/A
HF 30.06.95 #62
Gast: Kode IV (Peter)
HF6295.06.30Video1 Members of Shockwave everybody (gabberdisco vol. 1-5) [Braindead 3 CD1]yesno
HF6295.06.30Video2 DJ Tomcraft & Mephisto this is no houseyesyes
HF6295.06.30Video3 Urban Trance Plant music drops downyesno
HF6295.06.30Event4 Plattentips
HF6295.06.30Video5 Cosmic Baby talking drums liveyes
HF6295.06.30Video6 Future Sound of London snake hipsyesyes
HF6295.06.30Video7 Kode IV (4) Near to the divine (Peter live)yes
HF6295.06.30Event8 [untitled partial video]
HF6295.06.30Platten1 Dharma seleaumusic nowyesN/A
HF6295.06.30Platten2 Cari Lekebusch track b1 / live and direct [HYB 008]hybridyesN/A
HF6295.06.30Platten3 El Mal citrus [ifach 010]ifachyesN/A
HF6295.06.30Platten4 Skintrade andomraxxes soma ukyesN/A
HF6295.06.30Platten5 Psylocybin [Psilocybin?] delicate substance [missile 04]missileyesN/A
HF 07.07.95 #63
Thema: Marusha-Special
HF6395.07.07Video1 Marusha deepyesyes
HF6395.07.07Video2 Caspar Houser black & whitenono
HF6395.07.07Video3 DJ Tomcraft & Mephisto this is no houseyesyes
HF6395.07.07Video4 Kotai ring ringelektro music departmentyesyes
HF6395.07.07Video5 Cenith X feelyesyes
HF 14.07.95 #64
Thema: Love Parade Special (Rückblick)
HF6495.07.14Video1 Yves Deruyter Yves Day (Outsider)yesyes
HF6495.07.14Video2 Liquid Sweet harmony yesyes
HF6495.07.14Video3 Deee-Lite Picnic in the park yesyes
HF6495.07.14Video4 Opus III It's a fine dayyesyes
HF6495.07.14Video5 Jay-Dee Plastic dreamsyesyes
HF6495.07.14Video6 Westbam Celebration Generation yesyes
HF6495.07.14Video7 Atlantic Ocean Waterfallyesyes
HF 21.07.95 #65
Thema: San Francisco Music Festival; Teutonic Techno Temple/Parade
HF6595.07.21Video1 Laika marimba songyesyes
HF6595.07.21Video2 DJ CAM dieu reconnaitra les siensyesyes
HF6595.07.21Video3 New Order blue monday (hardfloor rmx)yesyes
HF6595.07.21Video4 Goldie inner city lifeyesyes
HF6595.07.21Video5 Locust penetrationyesyes
HF6595.07.21Video6 Moby into the blue (spiritual mix)yesyes
HF 28.07.95 #66
Thema: Report Safe Rave (Security-Team)
Gast: DJ Pauli (Live mix)
HF6695.07.28Video1 Evolution the experience of taking a step into someone's goa dreamyesyes
HF6695.07.28Video2 Biochip C. Inside chapter 2 [videoclip "Inside" with soundtrack "The Moog Track" from "Inside chapter 2" album]anodyneyesyes
HF6695.07.28Video3 Technohead i wanna be a hippyyesyes
HF6695.07.28Video4 Kraftwerk musique non stopyesyes
HF6695.07.28Video5 Keim keim 3.2yesyes
HF6695.07.28Event6 Pauli live mix (mit X-Connection "Watch them dogs", The Purpose Maker, ...)
HF6695.07.28Video7 Kemel anifarasyesyes
HF 04.08.95 #67
Gast: Mouse On Mars
HF6795.08.04Video1 Joey Beltram game form [gameform]yesyes
HF6795.08.04Video2 Kemel anifarasyesyes
HF6795.08.04Video3 Fluke bulletyesyes
HF6795.08.04Video4 Mouse On Mars bibyesyes
HF6795.08.04Video5 Oval do whileyesyes
HF6795.08.04Video6 Eniac planet loveyesyes
HF6795.08.04Platten1 Rotortype I Come In PeacePlanet RhythmPlanet Rhythm - The First Orbit (compilation)yesN/A
HF6795.08.04Platten2 Random Logic Scio (Mirago EP) MatrixyesN/A
HF6795.08.04Platten3 The Advent City limits InternalyesN/A
HF6795.08.04Platten4 Jeff Mills The Purpose Maker [Axis-11]AxisyesN/A
HF6795.08.04Platten5 Brooks Chrome cat [Smart 001 track B1]Smart RecordsyesN/A
HF6795.08.04Platten6 Festival [Heinrich Tillack] Festival melody [JP003]JakpotyesN/A
HF6795.08.04Platten7 Salamander TempestPlatipusyesN/A
HF 11.08.95 #68
Thema: "Summer of love" Rave-Camp Torterella
Gast: Morgana
HF6895.08.11Video1 Pizzaman sex on the streetsyesyes
HF6895.08.11Video2 Model 500 the flow (g-funk version)yesyes
HF6895.08.11Event3 Plattentips
HF6895.08.11Video4 Reconciliation [Re-Conciliation] interactionyesno
HF6895.08.11Video5 Morgana beam me up ('cause there's no love)yesno
HF6895.08.11Event6 Morgana cheap world (live)nono
HF6895.08.11Video7 D'Bora going roundyesyes
HF6895.08.11Platten1 The Crate Diggers Overdose Nu GrooveyesN/A
HF6895.08.11Platten2 2002 [a.k.a. Der Dritte Raum, Andreas Krüger] Eins / Hillwood [CAMA 102]Casa MagneticanoN/A
HF6895.08.11Platten3 Zulutronic Zulutronic [12'' Zulutronic/Zulutronic (Pharma 001) 95PHR001/12 Germany 1995]PharmayesN/A
HF6895.08.11Platten4 Steve Bug & Fred Gianelli Sensitive [telepathic bed bugz ep (SUPER 2813) track a2]SuperstitionyesN/A
HF6895.08.11Platten5 The Source Experience Synesthasia R&SyesN/A
HF 18.08.95 #69
Thema: Concept in Dance (Label)
Gast: Marc Dienewald, Stickman, John Acquaviva (Live Mix)
HF6995.08.18Video1 The Prodigy Out of spaceyesyes
HF6995.08.18Video2 SL2 Way in my brainyesyes
HF6995.08.18Video3 Tricky Disco Tricky discoyesyes
HF6995.08.18Video4 Dance Fever Out in the dancefloor (X Mix 2)studio k7yesyes
HF6995.08.18Event5 John Acquaviva live mix
HF6995.08.18Video6 Star Wash Strong like a lionyesyes
HF6995.08.18Platten1 Disco Universal Orchestra [Disco Universe Orchestra] Jack me ConsolidatedyesN/A
HF6995.08.18Platten2 Roger Sanchez pres. Strictly 4 the Underground Livin' 4 the underground Strictly RhythmyesN/A
HF6995.08.18Platten3 Forever Sweet [Tobias Thomas]Bewegliche Ziele [FS001]Forever Sweet Rec.yesN/A
HF6995.08.18Platten4 Glasgow Underground The festival EP jus'traxyesN/A
HF6995.08.18Platten5 Café del Mar Everybody loves the sunshine ReactyesN/A
HF 25.08.95 #70
Thema: Streetparade Zürich / Best of Housefrau
Video available
HF7095.08.25Video1 New Order Blue Monday (Hardfloor RMX)yesyes
HF7095.08.25Video2 Mouse On Mars Bibyesyes
HF7095.08.25Video3 Nightmares on Wax Aftermathyesyes
HF7095.08.25Video4 Technohead I wanna be a hippyyesyes
HF7095.08.25Video5 DJ Cam Dieu reconnaitra les siensyesyes
HF7095.08.25Video6 DJ Tomcraft & Mephisto This is no houseyesyes
HF7095.08.25Video7 Yves Deruyter Yves day (Outsider)yesyes
HF7095.08.25Video8 Aphex Twin Donkey rhubarbyesyes
HF7095.08.25Platten1 DJ Honesty magic carpet [space carpet]Space TeddyyesN/A
HF7095.08.25Platten2 Robert Hood untitledCheap 14yesN/A
HF7095.08.25Platten3 Funk D'Void Jack me off SomayesN/A
HF7095.08.25Platten4 Darren Price Tactix IntelligenceyesN/A
HF7095.08.25Platten5 Psychaos Psychaos [Concept In Dance]XLyesN/A
HF 01.09.95 #71
Thema: Summer of love (special) / Concept in Dance
HF7195.09.01Video1 Wubble-U Petalyesyes
HF7195.09.01Video2 Art of Noise feat. Max Headroom Paranoimiayesyes
HF7195.09.01Video3 ScanX (Scan X) Eternal deep [eternaldeep]yesno
HF7195.09.01Video4 Prodigy Everybody in the placeyesyes
HF7195.09.01Video5 Alpha Beat Summer of love yesno
HF7195.09.01Video6 Caterpillar Lost in 303Rave Mission Interactive Storyyesyes
HF 08.09.95 #72
Thema: 303-Cup
HF7295.09.08Video1 New Order True faith (Perfecto rmx)yesyes
HF7295.09.08Video2 Cores Aragonyesyes
HF7295.09.08Video3 DJ Hell Eat my houseyesyes
HF7295.09.08Video4 Microglobe All our coloursyesyes
HF7295.09.08Video5 Caterpillar Lost in 303yesyes
HF7295.09.08Video6 Golden Shower Rumpelstilzchenyesyes
HF 15.09.95 #73
Thema: Studio K7
Gast: CJ Bolland
HF7395.09.15Video1 Model 500 the flow (g-funk version)yesyes
HF7395.09.15Video2 CJ Bolland - DJ Kicks Phrenetic System - wayfareryesyes
HF7395.09.15Video3 Rockers Hi-Fi Push pushyesyes
HF7395.09.15Video4 Alec Empire Low on ice [tracks 22-24 and 20(1)]yesyes
HF7395.09.15Video5 Aphex Twin Donkey rhubarbyesyes
HF7395.09.15Event6 Plattentips
HF7395.09.15Video7 XPansions Move your bodyyesyes
HF7395.09.15Platten1 Air Liquide Timecode #2 [Abuse your illusions] HarvestyesN/A
HF7395.09.15Platten2 Richie Hawtin Call it what you like (Plus 8 - Release 50, Plus 8050)yesN/A
HF7395.09.15Platten3 Flashback Addicted Junkfood 1018yesN/A
HF7395.09.15Platten4 Faktory (Factory)Slice Of Tin / Garden Scissors EP, track A1genetic razor 001yesN/A
HF7395.09.15Platten5 Turntable Terranova tranquilizerCompostyesN/A
HF 22.09.95 #74
Thema: Bayern-Report - Regensburg, Straubingen, Landshut
HF7495.09.22Video1 Nush U girlsyesyes
HF7495.09.22Video2 Kraftwerk Das Modelyesyes
HF7495.09.22Video3 Slam Positive educationyesyes
HF7495.09.22Video4 Analog Silence Fruit of a long experience [5:55]D.A.V.E.yesyes
HF7495.09.22Event5 Plattentips
HF7495.09.22Video6 Elektrochemie LK Da phonkyesno
HF7495.09.22Platten1 Natural Born Grooves Vol.2 GroovebirdyesN/A
HF7495.09.22Platten2 Sugar The feeling Aqua Boogie Rec.yesN/A
HF7495.09.22Platten3 Moby Bring back my happiness MuteyesN/A
HF7495.09.22Platten4 Cylob Envelope (Cylob rmx) [Swim 12]SwimyesN/A
HF 29.09.95 #75
Gast: Psychic Warriors Ov Gaia
HF7595.09.29Video1 Westbam, Koon & Stephenson Always musicyesyes
HF7595.09.29Video2 Mike Oldfield Let there be light (Hardfloor RMX)yesyes
HF7595.09.29Video3 Elektrochemie LK Da phonkyesno
HF7595.09.29Video4 De'Lacy Hideawayyesyes
HF7595.09.29Video5 Psychic Warriors Ov Gaia [PWOG] Out now!kkyesyes
HF7595.09.29Video6 Machines Spätschichtyesyes
HF7595.09.29Video7 Phrenetic System wayfarer [Erroneously credited "CJ Bolland - DJ Kicks"]yesyes
HF7595.09.29Video8 Sabres Of Paradise Wilmotyesyes
HF7595.09.29Video9 Bomb The Bass Bug powder dust (Dust Brothers Remix by Chemical Brothers)yesno
HF7595.09.29Platten1 Nav Katze Black dog RMX SSR (UK)yesN/A
HF7595.09.29Platten2 Grungerman Hout ProfanyesN/A
HF7595.09.29Platten3 Optic Crux Mushroom on wax Djax Up BeatsyesN/A
HF7595.09.29Platten4 Model 500 The flow RMX R&SyesN/A
HF 06.10.95 #76
Gast: Cristian Vogel, Blake Baxter, Joey Beltram (live mix)
HF7695.10.06Video1 Plutone's Hands On Yello Oh yeah (Plutone RMX)yesno
HF7695.10.06Video2 Joey Beltram Game formyesyes
HF7695.10.06Event3 Joey Beltram live mix
HF7695.10.06Video4 Psychic Warriors ov Gaia Exit 23yesyes
HF7695.10.06Video5 Oval Textuellyesyes
HF7695.10.06Video6 Visions of Shiva How much can you take?MFSX-Mix 1yesyes
HF7695.10.06Video7 Soma Sleepwalkeryesyes
HF 13.10.95 #77
Gast: DJ Toby, Ken Ishii (live mix), Autechre
HF7795.10.13Video1 Crystal Waters Relaxyesno
HF7795.10.13Video2 Ken Ishii Extrayesyes
HF7795.10.13Event3 Ken Ishii live mix
HF7795.10.13Video4 Autechre 2nd Bad Vilbelyesyes
HF7795.10.13Video5 Autechre Basscadet [bcdtmx]yesyes
HF7795.10.13Video6 DJ Groovy Shake itVery Hard Unresistableyesno
HF 20.10.95 #78
Thema: Air Rave, Desert Rave
Gast: Mate Galic (live mix)
Video available [30 min only]
HF7895.10.20Video1 Size 9 I am readyyesno
HF7895.10.20Video2 Mark the 909 King Can u dig it?yesno
HF7895.10.20Video3 Raver's Nature Bring me noiseyesyes
HF7895.10.20Video4 Kotai + MO 6s (esso)elektro music departmentyesyes
HF7895.10.20Event5 Mate Galic live mix
HF7895.10.20Video6 Ken Ishii Extrayesyes
HF7895.10.20Video7 Machines Spätschichtyesyes
HF 27.10.95 #79
Thema: Letzte 'Housefrau'
HF7995.10.27Video1 Yosh It's what's upfront that countsyesyes
HF7995.10.27Video2 DJ Groovy Shake ityesno
HF7995.10.27Video3 Love Inc. R.e.s.p.e.c.t.yesno
HF7995.10.27Event4 Plattentips
HF7995.10.27Video5 Nalin Inc. Call you [call u from] yesno
HF7995.10.27Video6 Goldie Inner City liveyesyes
HF7995.10.27Video7 Ongaku Mihon 3ongakuyesyes
HF7995.10.27Video8 Ultramarine Hooter (Carl Craig RMX)yesno
HF7995.10.27Video9 Leftfield Originalyesyes
HF7995.10.27Platten1 Ron Trent Darkroom BalanceyesN/A
HF7995.10.27Platten2 Nimbus Quartet (Quartett) Your House is Mine [Chunkafunk] SoundsnoN/A
HF7995.10.27Platten3 Mark Broom Intron [Pure Plastic 02, track A1]Pure PlasticyesN/A
HF7995.10.27Platten4 The Crystal Method Keep hope alive City of AngelsyesN/A
HF7995.10.27Platten5 San Francisco Sound Spectrum Vol.1 Bassbin Twins - SF2UKTwitchyesN/A
HF/HTv 03.11.95 #80
Thema: Best of 80 Folgen 'Housefrau'
HF/HTv8095.11.03Video1 The Prodigy No good Intercordyesyes
HF/HTv8095.11.03Event2 Extracts from the best live mixes: Carl Cox, Boris Dlugosch, BBM, Joey Beltram, Rob Acid, Spicelab, Juan Atkins, Humate, Mike Ink., Roland Casper, Kode 4, John Acquaviva, etc.
HF/HTv8095.11.03Video3 Rockers HiFi Push push Mercuryyesyes
HTv 10.11.95 #81
Thema: X-Mix 5, Studio K7
Gast: DJ Hell (Mixer X-Mix 5)
HTv8195.11.10Video1 The Sound Vandals On your wayNu Grooveyesyes
HTv8195.11.10Video2 DJ Hell My definition of houseR&Syesyes
HTv8195.11.10Video3 IO Station to stationCheapyesyes
HTv8195.11.10Video4 Bobby Konders Let there be houseNu Grooveyesyes
HTv8195.11.10Video5 DJ Hell HerzDisko Byesyes
HTv8195.11.10Video6 Bernard Badie Can you feel itNight Club Chicagoyesyes
HTv8195.11.10Video7 Mike Dearborn New dimensionDjax Up Beatsyesyes
HTv 17.11.95 #82
Thema: LIVE "Treibhaus"
Gast: Steffen Irlinger, Ingo Sänger
HTv8295.11.17Video1 Air Liquide MP8 [audio: Geisterzug]EMIyesyes
HTv8295.11.17Video2 Orbital The live experienceMetronomeyesyes
HTv8295.11.17Video3 Brian Eno Ali clickVirginyesno
HTv8295.11.17Video4 Andreas Leifeld VoodooHarthouseyesno
HTv8295.11.17Event5 Plattentips
HTv8295.11.17Video6 Titan & Red Acid Jack Blame grooveUnknown Rec.yesno
HTv8295.11.17Platten1 Andre Johnson Project feat. Laqunia When will we be freeIntangible Rec. & SoundworksINT-513noN/A
HTv8295.11.17Platten2 Phreak Deep phreakHigh Test Rec.HITE1203yesN/A
HTv8295.11.17Platten3 Gerhard Potuznik Up north they are freeCheapyesN/A
HTv8295.11.17Platten4 The Ballistic Brothers Come onJunior Boys OwnyesN/A
HTv 24.11.95 #83
Thema: Club-Schließungen in Berlin
HTv8395.11.24Video1 Nav Katze Nobody home (Ultramarine rmx)EFAyesyes
HTv8395.11.24Video2 Twinax Get upTetsuoyesyes
HTv8395.11.24Video3 Nav Katze More than a feeling (Black Dog rmx)EFAyesyes
HTv8395.11.24Video4 Moguai The Magoo ProjectImportantyesyes
HTv8395.11.24Video5 Machines NachtschichtLogicyesno
HTv8395.11.24Video6 Eniac My wayKosmothorityyesyes
HTv 01.12.95 #84
Thema: Force Inc. Frankfurt
Interview mit Alec Empire, Mike Ink, Ian Pooley & DJ Tonka
HTv8495.12.01Video1 Ultrahigh it's timeforce inc.yesyes
HTv8495.12.01Video2 Mouse on Mars future dubrough tradeyesyes
HTv8495.12.01Video3 Oval textuellmille plateauxyesyes
HTv8495.12.01Video4 Alec Empire low on ice [track 22-24]mille plateauxyesyes
HTv8495.12.01Video5 Ian Pooley twin gods [X Mix 4]force inc.yesyes
HTv8495.12.01Video6 Biochip C. Inside chapter 2 [videoclip "Inside" with soundtrack "The Moog Track" from "Inside chapter 2" album]anodyneyesyes
HTv8495.12.01Event7 Plattentips
HTv8495.12.01Video8 Love Inc. r.e.s.p.e.c.t.force inc.yesyes
HTv8495.12.01Platten1 3 Tha Hardway hot temptationforce inc. USyesN/A
HTv8495.12.01Platten2 Glenn Underground do itforce inc. USyesN/A
HTv8495.12.01Platten3 Ian Pooley todayforce inc. USyesN/A
HTv8495.12.01Platten4 3FS (3 FS) crackerjack stitchforce inc.yesN/A
HTv8495.12.01Platten5 Absolute second entryforce inc.yesN/A
HTv 08.12.95 #85
Gast: Nightmares On Wax
HTv8595.12.08Video1 Earth Nation an artificial dreameye q / weayesyes
HTv8595.12.08Video2 St. Germain alabama blues (todd edward mix)f-communicationsyesyes
HTv8595.12.08Video3 Juno Reactor feel the universe B&W / EFAyesyes
HTv8595.12.08Video4 Everything But The Girl missing (rmx)WEAyesyes
HTv8595.12.08Video5 Komatose move on experience grooves[EXG 002]yesno
HTv8595.12.08Video6 Casseopaya quicky [danceorder 1 CSR 95002]casseopaya rec.yesno
HTv8595.12.08Video7 Allnighters black is blackarcadeyesno
HTv8595.12.08Event8 E-A-S-E: Nightmares On Wax in the mix
HTv8595.12.08Video9 Evolution 303 peakyesno
HTv 15.12.95 #86
HTv8695.12.15Video1 Aqualite ride the rhythmsuck me plasmayesyes
HTv8695.12.15Video2 SBX 80 nexusobsession rec.yesno
HTv8695.12.15Video3 Twinax get uptetsuo rec.yesyes
HTv8695.12.15Video4 Orbitalthe live experiencemetronomeyesyes
HTv8695.12.15Video5 Air Liquide mp8 [actually Geisterzug]EMIyesyes
HTv8695.12.15Video6 Nav Katze change (aphex twin rmx)EFAyesno
HTv8695.12.15Video7 Earth Nation an artificial dreameye q / weayesyes
HTv8695.12.15Video8 Andreas Leifeld voodooharthouseyesno
HTv8695.12.15Video9 Sharp Dressed Men t4the super corp.nono
HTv 22.12.95 #87
Gast: Patrick Pulsinger
HTv8795.12.22Video1 Scan X eternal deepyesno
HTv8795.12.22Video2 Titan & Red Acid Jack blame grooveunknown rec.yesno
HTv8795.12.22Video3 Ken Ishii extraR&S / rough tradeyesyes
HTv8795.12.22Event4 Patrick Pulsinger in the mix
HTv8795.12.22Video5 Broccoli Brothers ruhrschnellwegblack labelyesno
HTv8795.12.22Video6 Phortune can you feel the basssaberyesno
HTv8795.12.22Video7 St. Germain alabama bluesyesyes
HTv8795.12.22Video8 Bernard Badie can you feel itX-Mix 5yesyes
HTv8795.12.22Video9 Moguai magoo projectimportant rec.yesyes
HTv 29.12.95 #88
Thema: Mayday-Review
HTv8895.12.29Video1 Members of Mayday greatlow spirityesyes
HTv8895.12.29Video2 Dino Dvornik afrikayesno
HTv8895.12.29Video3 Everything But The Girl (EBTG) missing (rmx)WEAyesyes
HTv8895.12.29Video4 Andreas Dorau komm wieder (awex rmx)elektro motoryesyes
HTv 06.01.96 #89
Gast: DJ Norman
HTv8996.01.06Video1 Miss Djax killer traindjax upyesyes
HTv8996.01.06Video2 AWeX back on plasticplastic cityyesyes
HTv8996.01.06Video3 DJ Tom & Norman thundergodsonyyesno
HTv8996.01.06Video4 Broccoli Bros. ruhrschnellwegblak labelyesno
HTv8996.01.06Video5 Visage fade to greypolydoryesyes
HTv8996.01.06Event6 DJ Norman in the mix
HTv8996.01.06Video7 Mighty Dub Cats magic carpet rideWEAyesyes
HTv8996.01.06Video8 Sharp Dressed Men t4the supercorp.nono
HTv8996.01.06Video9 Komatose move onexperienced groovesyesno
HTv 12.01.96 #90
Thema: Rave on snow '95 (mit Tom Novy)
HTv9096.01.12Video1 Leftfield / Lydon Open upSonyyesyes
HTv9096.01.12Video2 Indian Vibes MatharVirginyesyes
HTv9096.01.12Video3 Andreas Dorau Komm wieder (AWeX Rmx) Motoryesyes
HTv9096.01.12Video4 Juno Reactor Feel the universe Blue Roomyesyes
HTv9096.01.12Video5 Xpansions '95 Move your body BMGyesyes
HTv9096.01.12Video6 DJ Hooligan I want you East Westyesyes
HTv9096.01.12Video7 Titan & Red Acid Jack Blame groove Unknownyesno
HTv 19.01.96 #91
Gast: Jurgen Laarmann (Frontpage)
HTv9196.01.19Video1 Bucketheads Got myself togetherPositiva/EMIyesyes
HTv9196.01.19Video2 Miss Djax Killer train Djax Upyesyes
HTv9196.01.19Video3 Baby D So pure Metronomeyesyes
HTv9196.01.19Video4 Nav Katze Wild horse SSR/Efayesno
HTv9196.01.19Video5 Lucky People Center To the space Beverageyesyes
HTv9196.01.19Video6 Speedy J. Pullover (Celvin Rotane Rmx) Dos Or Dieyesno
HTv9196.01.19Video7 Reconciliation Interactionyesno
HTv9196.01.19Video8 Usura Open your mind Deconstructionyesyes
HTv9196.01.19Platten1 Clark Dial Planet EyesN/A
HTv9196.01.19Platten2 Studio 1 Gelb Studio Eins 002 / ProfanyesN/A
HTv9196.01.19Platten3 Kirlian Chicken wings Disko ByesN/A
HTv9196.01.19Platten4 Chemical Brothers Loops of fury Freestyle DustyesN/A
HTv9196.01.19Platten5 Mike Dred & Peter Green Beyond the box Machine CodesyesN/A
HTv 26.01.96 #92
Thema: Bremen-Special (mit Oliver Huntemann)
HTv9296.01.26Video1 Ken Ishii Extra R&S/Rough Tradeyesyes
HTv9296.01.26Video2 Chubby Chunks Testament 4 Cleveland Cityyesno
HTv9296.01.26Video3 Kotai Ring ring Elektroyesyes
HTv9296.01.26Video4 Elektrochemie LK Da phonk Confusedyesno
HTv9296.01.26Video5 Humate Love stimulation MFSyesyes
HTv9296.01.26Video6 Kraftwerk Taschenrechner EMIyesno
HTv9296.01.26Video7 Sub Surfing The number readers R&S/Rough Tradeyesyes
HTv 02.02.96 #93
HTv9396.02.02Video1 Alex Reece feel the sunshinemercuryyesyes
HTv9396.02.02Video2 Model 500 the flow (techno rmx)yesyes
HTv9396.02.02Video3 SL2 way in my brainXLyesyes
HTv9396.02.02Event4 Plattentips
HTv9396.02.02Video5 Christian Vogel bites and scratchtresor rec.yesyes
HTv9396.02.02Video6 Moby bring back my happinessintercordyesyes
HTv9396.02.02Video7 Goldie inner city lifemetronomeyesyes
HTv9396.02.02Video8 DJ Duke blow your whistleyesno
HTv9396.02.02Video9 UK Apachi original nuttahyesyes
HTv9396.02.02Platten1 DJ Hell der totmacherdisko byesN/A
HTv9396.02.02Platten2 Beroshima unpluggedacid orange 011yesN/A
HTv9396.02.02Platten3 Seventh Research transmissionmodels inc./italynoN/A
HTv9396.02.02Platten4 Monobleeding death penaltyuturn no. 5yesN/A
HTv9396.02.02Platten5 Acid Scout potdisko byesN/A
HTv 09.02.96 #94

Gäste: Miss Djax, Mike Dearborn, Acid Junkies (live)
HTv9496.02.09Video1 Twinax Get up (Pascal FEOS Rmx) Tetsuoyesyes
HTv9496.02.09Video2 Miss Djax Killer train Djax Upyesyes
HTv9496.02.09Video3 Nicolette No government Talking Loudyesno
HTv9496.02.09Video4 Falling Infinities Kingdom of dreams Sonyyesno
HTv9496.02.09Video5 Mike Dearborn New dimensions X-Mix 5/K7yesyes
HTv9496.02.09Video6 X-Cabs Neuro Tetsuoyesyes
HTv 16.02.96 #95
Gast: AWeX
HTv9596.02.16Video1 AWeX It's our future Plastic Cityyesyes
HTv9596.02.16Video2 AWeX back on plastic Plastic Cityyesyes
HTv9596.02.16Video3 Alex Reece Feel the sunshine Mercuryyesyes
HTv9596.02.16Video4 Joe Smooth Promised land Dance Streetyesyes
HTv9596.02.16Video5 Christian Vogel Bite and scratch Tresoryesyes
HTv9596.02.16Video6 Emmanuel Top Stress Attackyesno
HTv9596.02.16Video7 Moguai Low go Importantyesyes
HTv 23.02.96 #96
Gäste: Junglelism Monkeys
Thema: The Stickmen
HTv9696.02.23Video1 400 Herzi've got the music in memotoryesyes
HTv9696.02.23Video2 Hardsequencer the sound transformationlow spirityesyes
HTv9696.02.23Video3 Speedy J pull over (celvin rotane rmx)dos or dieyesno
HTv9696.02.23Video4 Cari lekebusch fragmentloopyesno
HTv9696.02.23Video5 Juno Reactor feel the universeB&Wyesyes
HTv9696.02.23Platten1 Glory B. Star [Grow! 01]Grow!yesN/A
HTv9696.02.23Platten2 J Daniel The way BushBush 1027noN/A
HTv9696.02.23Platten3 Herbert Deeper [either erroneously marked "Phono 500", or erroneously named "Deeper", which was never published in Phono 500 Series]PhonoyesN/A
HTv9696.02.23Platten4 Joey Beltram Instant TresoryesN/A
HTv9696.02.23Platten5 Nick Holder Funky little thing [No Sell Out EP] DNHyesN/A
HTv 01.03.96 #97
Gast: K. Hand
HTv9796.03.01Video1 Leftfield release the pressuresonyyesyes
HTv9796.03.01Video2 Etat Solid think about itacacia / x-mix 5yesyes
HTv9796.03.01Video3 Moby bring back my happinessintercordyesyes
HTv9796.03.01Event4 K. Hand in the mix
HTv9796.03.01Video5 X-Cabs neurotetsuoyesyes
HTv9796.03.01Video6 Project AR006351 trafficlogicyesno
HTv9796.03.01Video7 Emmanuel Top stressattackyesno
HTv9796.03.01Video8 Falling Infinities kingdom of dreamssonyyesno
HTv 08.03.96 #98
Thema: Raver's Nature in Südafrika
HTv9896.03.08Video1 Raver's Nature Bring me noise Low Spirityesyes
HTv9896.03.08Video2 Raver's Nature Stop scratchin' Low Spirityesyes
HTv9896.03.08Video3 Velocity Future Superstitionyesno
HTv9896.03.08Video4 Aqualite Ride the rhythm Music Researchyesyes
HTv9896.03.08Video5 Raver's Nature Somebody scream Low Spirityesyes
HTv 15.03.96 #99
Gast: Kirlian
HTv9996.03.15Video1 Faithless insomniacheekyyesyes
HTv9996.03.15Video2 Sharp Dressed Men t4the super corp.nono
HTv9996.03.15Video3 Christian Vogel bite and scratchtresoryesyes
HTv9996.03.15Video4 Leftfield release the pressuresonyyesyes
HTv9996.03.15Video5 Workshop scham (whirlpool disco version)ladomatyesno
HTv9996.03.15Video6 Alex Reece feel the sunshinemercuryyesyes
HTv9996.03.15Video7 Sensorama echtzeitladomatyesyes
HTv 22.03.96 #100
Thema: John Acquaviva
HTv10096.03.22Video1 The Prodigy firestarterintercordyesyes
HTv10096.03.22Video2 Sensorama echtzeitladomatyesyes
HTv10096.03.22Video3 Tom Novy i house uBMGyesyes
HTv10096.03.22Video4 Dindi's Khan hypnotic vibe (csr 96005)casseopayayesyes
HTv10096.03.22Video5 Plastikman plastiqueplus 8yesyes
HTv10096.03.22Video6 Yazoo situationintercordyesyes
HTv10096.03.22Video7 Ryuichi Sakamoto love and hatevirginyesyes
HTv10096.03.22Platten1 Depth Charge Sex, sluts & heaven R&SyesN/A
HTv10096.03.22Platten2 Eat Static Bony incus Planet DogyesN/A
HTv10096.03.22Platten3 Björk Hyperballad PolygramyesN/A
HTv10096.03.22Platten4 Morph [Damon Wild] The Advent Remixes - Stormwatch / X-ex [12'' Synewave 20]SynewaveyesN/A
HTv10096.03.22Platten5 Phuture We are phuture (Joey Beltram Rmx) PrimateyesN/A
HTv10096.03.22Platten6 Cristian Vogel Body mapping TresoryesN/A
HTv 29.03.96 #101
HTv10196.03.29Video1 Mouse On Mars schunkelladomatyesno
HTv10196.03.29Video2 The Bionaut vitagraphharvestyesno
HTv10196.03.29Video3Joey Beltram instanttresor rec.yesyes
HTv10196.03.29Video4 Andreas Leifeld communicationharthouseyesyes
HTv10196.03.29Video5 Faithless insomniacheekyyesyes
HTv10196.03.29Video6 Showroom Recording Series midslandcheapyesno
HTv10196.03.29Video7 Dindi's Khan hypnotic vibecasseopaya rec.yesyes
HTv 05.04.96 #102
Thema: Ladomat & Whirlpool Productions
Gast: Sensorama
HTv10296.04.05Video1 Renee feat. Taj when i dreamtresor rec.yesyes
HTv10296.04.05Video2 Sensorama echtzeitladomatyesyes
HTv10296.04.05Event3 Plattentips mit Sensorama
HTv10296.04.05Video4 The Bionaut vitagraphharvestyesno
HTv10296.04.05Video5 Jiri.Ceiver trentalharthouseyesyes
HTv10296.04.05Platten1 Sensorama harz (born under a rhyming planet rmx)ladomatyesN/A
HTv10296.04.05Platten2 Sensoramaventil (mouse on mars rmx)ladomatyesN/A
HTv10296.04.05Platten3 Sensoramazone 30 (plaid rmx)ladomatyesN/A
HTv10296.04.05Platten4 Roman 4algorhythmusplayhouse/ladomatyesN/A
HTv10296.04.05Platten5 Supreme Truththe supreme truth (sugar mix)ongakuyesN/A
HTv10296.04.05Platten6 Supreme Truththe supreme truth (blood mix)ongakuyesN/A
HTv10296.04.05Platten7 Eight Miles Highzero oneklang elektronikyesN/A
HTv 12.04.96 #103
HTv10396.04.12Video1 Joey Beltram instanttresoryesyes
HTv10396.04.12Video2 Ruffneck everybody be somebodyemi electrolayesyes
HTv10396.04.12Video3 Andreas Leifeld interferenceeye q / harthouseyesno
HTv10396.04.12Video4 Tollmann/Hildenbeutel (Gottfried Tollmann und Ralf Hildenbeutel)isn't that a funny birdrecycle or die/eye qyesno
HTv10396.04.12Video5 Sensorama echtzeitl'age o'oryesyes
HTv10396.04.12Video6 Jiri.Ceiver trentalharthouseyesyes
HTv10396.04.12Video7 Oliver Huntemann turn it upconfused recordingsyesno
HTv10396.04.12Video8 Alec Empire low on iceforce inc.yesyes
HTv10396.04.12Video9 Deee-Lite groove is in the heartmajoryesyes
HTv10396.04.12Video10 Renee feat. Taj when i dreamtresoryesyes
HTv10396.04.12Video11 Showroom Rec. Series midslandmorbid/cheap rec.yesno
HTv 19.04.96 #104
Gast: Antaro
HTv10496.04.19Video1 Carl Craig dj-kicksstudio k7!yesyes
HTv10496.04.19Video2 Lucky People Center sundancemotoryesyes
HTv10496.04.19Video3 Juno Reactor feel the universeblue roomyesyes
HTv10496.04.19Video4 Psykick Warriors Ov Gaia exit 23kk/r&tyesno
HTv10496.04.19Video5 Underworld dark and longintercordyesyes
HTv10496.04.19Event6 Plattentips
HTv10496.04.19Video7 X-Dream thistunnelyesyes
HTv10496.04.19Video8 Front 242 rhythm of timeplay it again samyesyes
HTv10496.04.19Video9 Koxbox birdyharthouseyesyes
HTv10496.04.19Platten1 Shaolin Wooden Men ragupsy-harmoniesyesN/A
HTv10496.04.19Platten2 Evolution genetic engineeringspirit zoneyesN/A
HTv10496.04.19Platten3 Nuw Idol snaretexcosmic communicationCo-CO 1yesN/A
HTv10496.04.19Platten4 Pleiadians jungle traxflying rhinoyesN/A
HTv10496.04.19Platten5 Kaledoid anjunablack totemTOT12001yesN/A
HTv10496.04.19Platten6 Astral Projection euphoria [enlightened evolution]T.I.P.yesN/A
HTv10496.04.19Platten7 Phreaky tornadodragonflyyesN/A
HTv10496.04.19Platten8 Electric Universe no. 1 [unknown release/track]datnoN/A
HTv 26.04.96 #105
Gast: Supa DJ Dimitry (in The Mix)
HTv10596.04.26Video1 Gat Decor Passion '96 Logicyesyes
HTv10596.04.26Video2 Deee-Lite Picnic In The Summertime Elektrayesyes
HTv10596.04.26Video3 Towa Tei Technova Weayesyes
HTv10596.04.26Video4 Baby D Take Me To Heaven Metronomeyesyes
HTv10596.04.26Video5 DEEE-LITE Power Of Love Weayesyes
HTv10596.04.26Video6 ORBITAL The Box Metronomeyesyes
HTv10596.04.26Video7 DEEE-LITE A Good Beat Weayesyes
HTv 03.05.96 #106
Thema: Eye Q-Report
Gast: Earth Nation
HTv10696.05.03Video1 Sven Vath an accident in paradiseharthouseyesyes
HTv10696.05.03Event2 Das Report: Eye Q, Recycle or Die, Harthouse
HTv10696.05.03Video3 Koxboxbirdyharthouseyesyes
HTv10696.05.03Video4 Gottfried Tollmann & Ralf Hildenbeutel isn't that a funny birdrecycle or dieyesno
HTv10696.05.03Video5 Earth Nationan artificial dreameye qyesyes
HTv10696.05.03Video6 Rainald Goetz madchenrecycle or dieyesno
HTv10696.05.03Video7 Synesthasia venomharthouseyesno
HTv10696.05.03Video8 Extracts from Videoclips:
HTv10696.05.03Video8.1 Zyon no fate (1991)
HTv10696.05.03Video8.2 Vernon wonderer (1993)
HTv10696.05.03Video8.3 Sven Vath l'esperanza (1993)
HTv10696.05.03Video8.4 Andreas Leifeld communication (1996)
HTv10696.05.03Video8.5 Hardfloor roaar (1994)
HTv10696.05.03Video8.6 Jiri.Ceiver trental (1996)
HTv10696.05.03Video8.7 B-Zet feat. Darlesia everlasting pictures (1995)
HTv 09.05.96 #107
Gast: Mr. Fingers
HTv10796.05.09Video1 Underworld pearls girllogicyesyes
HTv10796.05.09Video2 Unitone HiFi guiding starincoming!yesno
HTv10796.05.09Video3 Everything But The Girl (EBTG) walking woundedyesyes
HTv10796.05.09Video4 Orbital the boxmetronomeyesyes
HTv10796.05.09Video5 Art of Noise paranoima (paranomia, paranoimia)bmgyesyes
HTv10796.05.09Video6 Aural Float south of the clouds pt. 2elektroluxyesyes
HTv10796.05.09Event7 Plattentips
HTv10796.05.09Video8 Gat Decor passionlogicyesyes
HTv10796.05.09Video9 QIX chocolate chickenprobex-mix 6yesyes
HTv10796.05.09Video10 Acid Jesus radiumklang electronicx-mix 6yesyes
HTv10796.05.09Platten1 The Octagon Man Phonic Maze / The Rimmelectron industriesyesN/A
HTv10796.05.09Platten2 Gigi Galaxy The Casual Pimp EP [probably track B1 - casual pimp]teknotika / submerge USAyesN/A
HTv10796.05.09Platten3 Khan & Walker schleichfahrt [Disko B 037 CD 1996]disko byesN/A
HTv10796.05.09Platten4 Kentolevi (Mika Vainio) keimola ep (cheap 17) [for unknown reason, it was named "Mike Vanio - helsinki rock'n'roll" in housefrau]cheapyesN/A
HTv10796.05.09Platten5 Johannes Heil die offenbarung (uturn 06)uturnyesN/A
HTv10796.05.09Platten6 Richard Bartz saug 27 (kurbel 03)kurbelyesN/A
HTv 17.05.96 #108
HTv10896.05.17Video1 Westbam terminatormotoryesno
HTv10896.05.17Video2 Slam positive educationfreibankyesno
HTv10896.05.17Video3 Massive Attack protectionvirginyesyes
HTv10896.05.17Video4Indoor camelfull moon productionsyesyes
HTv10896.05.17Video5 Phuture times fadedjax upyesno
HTv10896.05.17Event6 Plattentips
HTv10896.05.17Video7 Aphex Twin donkey rhubarbrough tradeyesyes
HTv10896.05.17Video8 Huntemann turn it upconfused rec.yesno
HTv10896.05.17Video9 Future Breeze read my lipsmotoryesyes
HTv10896.05.17Platten1 Missing Channel submerged [hardwax 008 12'' 1996]hardwax detroityesN/A
HTv10896.05.17Platten2 Studio 1 [Mike Ink] orangestudio eins / profanyesN/A
HTv10896.05.17Platten3 Fred Gianelli management remixessuperstitionyesN/A
HTv10896.05.17Platten4Mark Broom Return To The Backroom3zone (uk)ZONE 002noN/A
HTv10896.05.17Platten5 Alec Empire hypermodern jazz 2000.5mille plateauxyesN/A
HTv10896.05.17Platten6 I-F portrait of a dead girldisko byesN/A
HTv 24.05.96 #109
Thema: Winter Music Conference Miami
HTv10996.05.24Video1 DJ Scot uoverdoseyesyes [super-low-fi]
HTv10996.05.24Video2 Rockers Hi-Fi push pushyesyes
HTv10996.05.24Video3 Size 9 i am readyyesno
HTv10996.05.24Video4 Ruffneck everybody be somebodyyesyes
HTv10996.05.24Video5 DJ Duke blow your whistleyesno
HTv10996.05.24Video6 Underworld pearls girllogicyesyes
HTv10996.05.24Video7 Moby everytime you touch me (pure joy rmx)yesyes
HTv 31.05.96 #110
Gast: DJ Pussilover
HTv11096.05.31Video1 Vernon vernons wonderlandeye q/weayesyes
HTv11096.05.31Video2 DJ Mowgly cookroit beatsyesyes
HTv11096.05.31Video3 The Prodigy everybody in the placexl rec.yesyes
HTv11096.05.31Video4 Afrika Islam feat. Ice-T afrika jameastwestyesyes
HTv11096.05.31Video5 Prizna feat. Demolition Man fireeastwestyesyes
HTv11096.05.31Event6 DJ Pussylover (Pussilover) in the mix
HTv 07.06.96 #111
HTv11196.06.07Video1 Robert Armani circus bellsdjax upyesyes
HTv11196.06.07Video2 Ken Ishii extrarough tradeyesyes
HTv11196.06.07Video3 Atlantic Ocean waterfallstreetheat musicyesyes
HTv11196.06.07Video4 Ultramarine hooterweayesno
HTv11196.06.07Video5 DJ Hell eat my housedisko byesno
HTv11196.06.07Video6 Moby gorhythm rec./intercordyesyes
HTv11196.06.07Video7 Michelle Gayle sweetness (jungle rmx)RCAyesno
HTv11196.06.07Video8 Westbam wizards of the sonicmotor musicyesyes
HTv11196.06.07Video9 M.A.R.R.S. pump up the volumerough tradeyesyes
HTv 14.06.96 #112
Thema: Shamen-Report
Gast: Lars & Basti (Freudenhouse)
HTv11296.06.14Video1 Lisa Maria Experience Keep on jumpin' Motoryesyes
HTv11296.06.14Video2 JB3 Believer Novamuteyesyes
HTv11296.06.14Video3 Shake Breathe deeper X-Mix 6yesyes
HTv11296.06.14Video4 Salt Tank Eugina Metronomeyesyes
HTv11296.06.14Video5 Planet 6 Touched by Mojo X-Mix 6yesyes
HTv 21.06.96 #113
Gast: Whirlpool Productions
HTv11396.06.21Video1 Happy Clappers Can't help it EastWestyesno
HTv11396.06.21Video2 Whirlpool The cold song Ladomatyesyes
HTv11396.06.21Video3 Nik Reiff & Ralph Sun Elektro-nique Solid Rec.nono
HTv11396.06.21Video4 Lazonby Sacred cycles Metronomeyesyes
HTv11396.06.21Video5 Der Dritte Raum Die Trommelmaschine Harthouseyesyes
HTv11396.06.21Video6 Whirlpool Harvest Ladomatyesno
HTv11396.06.21Platten1DJ Tink Thomas Disco Club (?) Soul CitySoul Sounds 2noN/A
HTv11396.06.21Platten2 DiscoTexx [Disco Texx] Quick clip EP [DRAFT 003] Draft RecordingsnoN/A
HTv11396.06.21Platten3 Subtle Tease Round trip Ladomat 2000yesN/A
HTv11396.06.21Platten4 Cle The choice of a new generation UtahnoN/A
HTv11396.06.21Platten5 Marcos Dedito Serpiente BraintistyesN/A
HTv 28.06.96 #114
Thema: Zurich-Report
HTv11496.06.28Video1 Tom Novy Odyssey Kosmo Rec.yesyes
HTv11496.06.28Video2 LFO Tied up Warpyesyes
HTv11496.06.28Video3 Scan X Earthquake PIASyesno
HTv11496.06.28Video4 DJ Hooligan System Ecstasy EastWestyesyes
HTv11496.06.28Video5 Rhythm Of Salvia Rhythm of salvia Roadrunnernono
HTv11496.06.28Video6 CJ Bolland Camargue R&Syesyes
HTv11496.06.28Video7 Der Dritte Raum Die Trommelmaschine Harthouseyesyes
HTv11496.06.28Platten1 Jake Slazenger Das Album [an album with such name doesn't exist]Warp UKyesN/A
HTv11496.06.28Platten2 Mike & Rich Expert Knob TwiddlersRephlexyesN/A
HTv11496.06.28Platten3 Dave Clark No one's driving DeconstructionyesN/A
HTv11496.06.28Platten4 JB3 Forklift (Luke Slater filtered rmx)[?]NovamuteyesN/A
HTv11496.06.28Platten5 Ippii Tombei Runner [Forerunner, BREATH001] My Breathing UKyesN/A
HTv11496.06.28Platten6 Equinox Pulzar (Jeff Mills Remix) [synewave 022, SW22]SynewaveyesN/A
HTv 05.07.96 #115
Thema: Artcore-Report
Gast: Aufschwung Ost-Crew
HTv11596.07.05Video1 Hardfloor Strike out Harthouseyesyes
HTv11596.07.05Video2 Underworld Born slippy Logicyesyes
HTv11596.07.05Video3 Oliver Huntemann Turn it up Confusedyesno
HTv 12.07.96 #116
Thema: Loveparade '95 / Streetparade / San Fransico
HTv11696.07.12Video1 Empirion Narcotic influence XLyesno
HTv11696.07.12Video2 Pizzaman Trippin' on sunshine Intercordyesyes
HTv11696.07.12Video3 Melanie Williams Everyday thang Sonyyesno
HTv 19.07.96 #117
HTv11796.07.19Video1 Barbara Tucker Beautiful people Strictly Rhythmyesno
HTv11796.07.19Video2 Carl Craig DJ Kicks k7yesyes
HTv11796.07.19Video3 Der Dritte Raum Die Trommelmaschine Harthouseyesyes
HTv11796.07.19Video4 Psychick Warriors Of Gaia Out now! KK Rec.yesno
HTv11796.07.19Video5 Johnny Lipshake Baby fox Roadrunneryesno
HTv11796.07.19Video6 Chubby Chunks Testament 4 Edelyesno
HTv11796.07.19Video7 Andreas Dorau Komm wieder Motoryesyes
HTv11796.07.19Video8 Deee Lite Power of love WEAyesyes
HTv11796.07.19Video9 Love Inc. R.E.S.P.E.C.T. Force Inc.yesno
HTv11796.07.19Video10 Meat Beat Manifesto Asbestos lead asbestos PIASyesyes
HTv 26.07.96 #118
HTv11896.07.26Video1 Ruby Hoops Sonyyesno
HTv11896.07.26Video2 808 State In yer face WEAyesyes
HTv11896.07.26Video3 Egoexpress Genau so Ladomatyesyes
HTv11896.07.26Video4 Alex Reece Feel the sunshine Mercuryyesyes
HTv11896.07.26Video5 Chemical Brothers Life is sweet Virginyesyes
HTv11896.07.26Video6 Marcos Dedito Serpiente Braintistyesno
HTv11896.07.26Video7 Sensorama Echtzeit L'Age D'Oryesyes
HTv11896.07.26Video8 Leftfield Original Sonyyesyes
HTv11896.07.26Video9 N-Son-X All bitches Motoryesno
HTv11896.07.26Video10 Barbara Tucker Stay together Strictly Rhythmyesno
HTv11896.07.26Platten1 Porter Ricks Port of Nuba Chain ReactionyesN/A
HTv11896.07.26Platten2 Squarepusher Port Rhombus WarpyesN/A
HTv11896.07.26Platten3 Neil Landstrumm Unterstanding disinformation TresoryesN/A
HTv11896.07.26Platten4 The Source Experience Zyklus R&SyesN/A
HTv11896.07.26Platten5 Suburban Knight By night EP [UR 036]underground resistanceyesN/A
HTv11896.07.26Platten6 4E (Khan) 4E EP [Pharma 007, 96PHR007/12]PharmanoN/A
HTv 02.08.96 #119
Thema: Obsession Rave
Gast: Toni Rios
HTv11996.08.02Video1 Alex Reece candlesmercuryyesno
HTv11996.08.02Video2 Todd Terry pres. M. Wash + J. Brown keep on jumpingmercuryyesyes
HTv11996.08.02Event3 Sun Electric live
HTv11996.08.02Video4 Genlog face da musicmotoryesno
HTv11996.08.02Event5 Plattentips
HTv11996.08.02Video6 Salt Tank olympicmetronomeyesno
HTv11996.08.02Video7 Masa night aireast westyesno
HTv11996.08.02Video8 Pacific 231 autumn principlenono
HTv11996.08.02Platten1 Sammy Dee + Heiko Laux moonside playgroundkanzleramtyesN/A
HTv11996.08.02Platten2 Point Blank rogphono 8yesN/A
HTv11996.08.02Platten3 Last Disco Superstars lick stickgrow!grow!05noN/A
HTv11996.08.02Platten4 Adventures In Techno Soul [compilation, FER LP 1 or FER CD 1 (1996); also see Paul Hannah - Adventures In Techno Soul - FER 010 12'' (1995)][unknown track title, probably Paul Hannah / Wake Up To The Source (Russ Gabriel Remix)]feroxyesN/A
HTv11996.08.02Platten5 Patrick Lindsey bud shake [bub shake]harthouseyesN/A
HTv11996.08.02Platten6 Clemens Neufeld EP das gerätfönyesN/A
HTv11996.08.02Platten7 F-Attack crazy boltoverdriveyesN/A
HTv 09.08.96 #120
Gast: Tommy Yamaha
HTv12096.08.09Video1 Goldie inner city lifemetronomeyesyes
HTv12096.08.09Video2 Nightmares On wax aftermathwarp/rtdyesyes
HTv12096.08.09Video3 Armando the futurepiasyesno
HTv12096.08.09Video4 Alex Reece candlesmercuryyesno
HTv12096.08.09Video5 Ken Ishii extrar&syesyes
HTv12096.08.09Event6 Plattentips
HTv12096.08.09Video7 Air Liquide mp8 [erroneously named "zeitgeber"; music is actually "geisterzug"]harvestyesyes
HTv12096.08.09Video8 Pacific 231 autumn principlenono
HTv12096.08.09Video9 Afrika Bambaataa sho nuff funkybmgyesno
HTv12096.08.09Platten1 Digital Justice theme from: it's all gonefragile rec.yesN/A
HTv12096.08.09Platten2 Baby Ford tall for his height [PAL SL 1 track B1]pal sl rec. / ifachyesN/A
HTv12096.08.09Platten3 Deneuve delta of venus [Maxi Twelve 12'' PSI 025 track A]telepathicyesN/A
HTv12096.08.09Platten4 Omegaman rescuedefinitive rec.yesN/A
HTv12096.08.09Platten5 Subvoice 007untitledsubvoiceyesN/A
HTv12096.08.09Platten6 Russel Kent ride ondisko byesN/A
HTv12096.08.09Platten7 Groove Alert [Unknown artist] laidback luke mix [unknown track and record]groove alert rec.noN/A
HTv 16.08.96 #121
Gast: Dani König
HTv12196.08.16Video1 Atari Teenage Riot midijunkies [corresponds to "berlin mix", but not to the album version]digital hardcore rec.yesno
HTv12196.08.16Video2 DJ Energy believer (the energy'96 theme)energy'96yesno
HTv12196.08.16Video3 The Prodigy poisonXL/intercordyesyes
HTv12196.08.16Video4 Earth Nation falling tearseye q rec.yesno
HTv12196.08.16Event5 Dani König in the mixnono
HTv12196.08.16Video6 Apollo Four Forty (Apollo 440) krupasony musicyesyes
HTv 23.08.96 #122
Gast: Steve Bug
HTv12296.08.23Video1 Josh Wink higher state of consciousness ('96 rmx)zyxyesyes
HTv12296.08.23Video2 Genlog face da musicmotoryesno
HTv12296.08.23Video3 Marmion firechildsuperstitionyesno
HTv12296.08.23Video4 Faithless salva meaintercordyesyes
HTv12296.08.23Event5Steve Bug in the mix
HTv12296.08.23Video6 DJ Hell eat my housedisko byesno
HTv 30.08.96 #123
Gast: Heiko Laux
HTv12396.08.30Video1 Technotronic pump up the jambcmyesyes
HTv12396.08.30Video2 Tricky aftermathmercuryyesyes
HTv12396.08.30Video3 Hexagone burning trash floordjax upyesyes
HTv12396.08.30Video4 Funkstörung braunmusik aus stromyesno
HTv12396.08.30Video5 Ultrahigh it's timeforce inc.yesno
HTv12396.08.30Video6 Renee feat. Taj when i dreamforce inc.yesyes
HTv12396.08.30Video7 Vapourspace [aka Mark Gage] the gravitational arch of traditional 10 [PLUS8023 12"]plus 8yesyes
HTv12396.08.30Video8 Alex Reece candlesmercuryyesno
HTv12396.08.30Platten1 Heiko Laux uturn 8 EPuturnyesN/A
HTv12396.08.30Platten2 I-F supermandisko byesN/A
HTv12396.08.30Platten3 Johannes Heil feiernkanzleramtyesN/A
HTv12396.08.30Platten4 Sammy Dee & Heiko Laux moonside playgroundkanzleramtyesN/A
HTv12396.08.30Platten5 Heiko Laux kanzleramt 14kanzleramtyesN/A
HTv 06.09.96 #124
Gast: Terence Parker
Video available[27 minutes only, only interview & liveset]
HTv12496.09.06Video1 Todd Terry pres. M. Wash & J. Brown Keep on jumpin'Mercuryyesyes
HTv12496.09.06Video2 Junior Vasquez Get your hand off my manTribal Americayesno
HTv12496.09.06Video3 Joey Beltram InstantTresoryesyes
HTv12496.09.06Video4 Aural Float South of the clouds Pt. 2Elektro Luxyesyes
HTv12496.09.06Video5 Aphex Twin OnRough Tradeyesyes
HTv12496.09.06Video6 Massive Attack ProtectionVirginyesyes
HTv 13.09.96 #125
Thema: Kruder & Dorfmeister Special
HTv12596.09.13Video1 808 State BondWEAyesyes
HTv12596.09.13Video2 Moloko Where is the What if the What is in WhyEchoyesyes
HTv12596.09.13Video3 Sensorama EchtzeitLadomatyesyes
HTv12596.09.13Video4 Tori Amos Professional widowEastWestyesyes
HTv12596.09.13Video5 Mouse On Mars Future dubRough Tradeyesno
HTv12596.09.13Video6 Plastikman PlastiquePlus 8yesyes
HTv 20.09.96 #126
Thema: Eisenherz-Report
Gast: DJ Morpheus
HTv12696.09.20Video1 Jaydee Plastic dreamsR&Syesyes
HTv12696.09.20Video2 DJ Cam Dieu reconnaitra les siensSSRyesyes
HTv12696.09.20Video3 Underworld Born slippyLogicyesyes
HTv12696.09.20Video4 Future Sound Of London CascadeVirginyesyes
HTv12696.09.20Video5 808 State AzuraWEAyesno
HTv 27.09.96 #127
Gast: Jana Clemen
HTv12796.09.27Video1 Chubby Chunks Testament 4Edelyesno
HTv12796.09.27Video2 CJ Bolland Sugar is sweeterMetronomeyesyes
HTv12796.09.27Video3 Tricky Disco Tricky discoRough Tradeyesyes
HTv12796.09.27Video4 Arpeggiators The doors of perceptionMetronomeyesno
HTv12796.09.27Video5 Cesar [Kramer] Rhythms of changeMinimice Tracksnono
HTv 04.10.96 #128
Gast: Roland Casper
HTv12896.10.04Video1 Laurent Garnier Go to sleepF-Communicationyesyes
HTv12896.10.04Video2 Damon Wild AvionSynewaveX-Mix 6yesyes
HTv12896.10.04Video3 Roland Casper Hen-fruitEssenceyesno
HTv12896.10.04Video4 Sieg über die Sonne AdoroSonyyesyes
HTv12896.10.04Video5 Dan Eben VWCommuniqueX-Mix 6yesyes
HTv 11.10.96 #129
Thema: Airrave-Report
HTv12996.10.11Video1 Khan & Walker Trail of lost soulsHarvestyesyes
HTv12996.10.11Video2 Fortunato & Montresor [also spelled Mentresor] FantasySuperflynono
HTv12996.10.11Video3 Chemical Brothers Setting sunJunior Boys Ownyesyes
HTv12996.10.11Video4 Ultrahigh The revenge of the Maya Gods RmxForce Inc.yesno
HTv12996.10.11Video5 New Order Blue mondayRough Tradeyesyes
HTv12996.10.11Platten1 Panasonic Oasto EPMuteyesN/A
HTv12996.10.11Platten2 Leo Anibaldi Void [3x12'' CAT 031 LP]RephlexyesN/A
HTv12996.10.11Platten3 Funkstörung 2 Musik aus StromM.A.S.yesN/A
HTv12996.10.11Platten4 Like A Tim CacophonyDjax UpyesN/A
HTv12996.10.11Platten5 Electroskunk Drive in 06 [2x12"]drive-in new yorkyesN/A
HTv12996.10.11Platten6 Blech Warp Mix CDWarpyesN/A
HTv12996.10.11Platten7 Gas Gas [3x12" or CD; MP 032]Mille PlateauxyesN/A
HTv 18.10.96 #130
Gäste: Steffen Irlinger & Ingo Sänger
HTv13096.10.18Video1 Todd Terry feat. J. Brown & M. Walsh Keep on jumpin'Mercuryyesyes
HTv13096.10.18Video2 Sensorama NagelbrettLadomatyesno
HTv13096.10.18Video3 Whirlpool HarvestLadomatyesno
HTv13096.10.18Video4 Goldie Inner city lifeMetronomeyesyes
HTv13096.10.18Video5 LFO LFOWarpyesyes
HTv 25.10.96 #131
Thema: Genlog-Special
HTv13196.10.25Video1 Genlog Face da musicLow Spirityesno
HTv13196.10.25Video2 Broccoli Bros. Ruhrschnellwegyesno
HTv13196.10.25Video3 Jimi Tenor Take me babyRough Tradeyesyes
HTv13196.10.25Video4 New Order Blue monday '88 Rmxyesyes
HTv13196.10.25Video5 Doppelgänger Days goneGroove Attackyesno
HTv 08.11.96 #132
HTv13296.11.08Video1 Barbara Tucker Beautiful peopleStrictly Rhythmyesno
HTv13296.11.08Video2 Carl Craig DJ KicksK7yesyes
HTv13296.11.08Video3 Der Dritte Raum Die TrommelmaschineHarthouseyesyes
HTv13296.11.08Video4 Psychick Warriors Of Gaia Out now!KKyesno
HTv13296.11.08Video5 Baby Fox Jonny Lipshake Roadrunneryesno
HTv13296.11.08Video6 Chubby Chunks Testament 4Edelyesno
HTv13296.11.08Video7 Andreas Dorau Komm wiederMotoryesyes
HTv13296.11.08Video8 Deee-Lite Power of loveWEAyesyes
HTv13296.11.08Video9 Love Inc. R.E.S.P.E.C.T.Force Inc.yesno
HTv13296.11.08Video10 Meat Beat Manifesto Asbestos lead asbestosPIASyesyes
HTv 15.11.96 #133
Gast: Sieg über die Sonne
HTv13396.11.15Video1 Huff & Puff Help me make itRough Tradeyesno
HTv13396.11.15Video2 David Holmes My mate PaulGo Discsyesno
HTv13396.11.15Video3 Rob Acid Schoko-dreckJunkfoodyesno
HTv13396.11.15Video4 Klaus Schulze Voices in the darkWEAyesyes
HTv13396.11.15Video5 Sieg über die Sonne AdoroSonyyesyes
HTv13396.11.15Video6 Kraftwerk Die RoboterEMIyesyes
HTv13396.11.15Video7 Ken Ishii ExtraR&Syesyes
HTv13396.11.15Video8 Underworld Pearls girlJunior Boys Ownyesyes
HTv13396.11.15Video9 Aural Float South of the cloudsElektroluxyesyes
HTv13396.11.15Platten1 Eon self-assemblySlickernoN/A
HTv13396.11.15Platten2 Gary Martin unkown track teknotika, drugs & tekno soulnoN/A
HTv13396.11.15Platten3 Low Res amuck remixessublimeyesN/A
HTv13396.11.15Platten4 Unit Moebius kuikenCrossfade EntertainmentyesN/A
HTv13396.11.15Platten5 Riou Cone of confusionKKKK 148noN/A
HTv13396.11.15Platten6 Aphex Twin Girl/Boy EPWarpyesN/A
HTv 22.11.96 #134
Thema: Groove-Special
HTv13496.11.22Video1 Acid Scout This is what you wantDisko Byesno
HTv13496.11.22Video2 Whirlpool Prod. From disco to discoMotoryesyes
HTv13496.11.22Video3 Tricky ChristiansandsIslandyesyes
HTv13496.11.22Video4 Ultrahigh Revenge of the Maya gods RmxsForce Inc.yesno
HTv13496.11.22Video5 St. Germain Alabama blues (Revisited)PIASyesno
HTv13496.11.22Video6 Kotai Ring ringElectroyesyes
HTv13496.11.22Video7 Gus Gus PolyesterdayRough Tradeyesyes
HTv 30.11.96 #135
Gast: DJ Plank
HTv13596.11.30Video1 Westbam Born to bangMotoryesyes
HTv13596.11.30Video2 City Child Immune Ism Prod.noyes
HTv13596.11.30Video3 Whirlpool Prod. From disco to discoMotoryesyes
HTv13596.11.30Video4 Armando The futurePIASyesno
HTv13596.11.30Video5 Kreidler ReflectionsKiff SM/PIASyesno
HTv13596.11.30Platten1 A Righteous Victim Of The Broadcast Barons 90% of dissin Germany Important ExtractsIMX010noN/A
HTv13596.11.30Platten2 Christian Morgenstern Miscellaneous [Kanzleramt 16]kanzleramtyesN/A
HTv13596.11.30Platten3 Mont Cenis Traxx ConsolidationJackpotCompiler One [JP008]noN/A
HTv13596.11.30Platten4 JB3 Close grindNovamuteyesN/A
HTv13596.11.30Platten5 Laurent Garnier Crispy baconF-CommunicationyesN/A
HTv13596.11.30Platten6 David Carreta InnerwoodGigoloyesN/A
HTv13596.11.30Platten7 Epheck Two Something elseFeroxnoN/A
HTv 06.12.96 #136
Gast: Matthew Herbert
HTv13696.12.06Video1 Human Instinct Human instinctStay Tuned / SonyDMD ST 004-1nono
HTv13696.12.06Video2 Healy & Amos StampSpinyesno
HTv13696.12.06Video3 The Prodigy BreatheXLyesyes
HTv13696.12.06Video4 808 State Pacific 707WEAyesyes
HTv13696.12.06Video5 Talla 2XLC The eternal mysteryMotoryesno
HTv 13.12.96 #137
Gast: Jesse Saunderson
HTv13796.12.13Video1 Elektrochemie LK SchallConfusedyesyes
HTv13796.12.13Video2 Gus Gus PolyesterdayRough Tradeyesyes
HTv13796.12.13Video3 City child ImmuneISM Prod.noyes
HTv13796.12.13Video4 Biosphere The shieldR&Syesyes
HTv 20.12.96 #138
Gast: Wall Of Sound
HTv13896.12.20Video1 David Holmes My mate PaulGo Discsyesno
HTv13896.12.20Video2 Chemical Brothers Life is sweetJunior Boys Ownyesyes
HTv13896.12.20Video3 Future Sound Of London My kingdomVirginyesyes
HTv13896.12.20Video4 Doppelgänger Days goneMind The Gapyesno
HTv13896.12.20Video5 Ultratubes Flip kickPlanet Visionyesno
HTv 27.12.96 #139
Gast: Freddie Fresh
HTv13996.12.27Video1 LFO We are backWarpyesno
HTv13996.12.27Video2 Elektrochemie LK SchallConfusedyesyes
HTv13996.12.27Video3 SEM PhoxVinyl Solutionyesno
HTv13996.12.27Video4 Ultrahigh It's timeForce Inc.yesno
HTv13996.12.27Video5 M/A/R/R/S Pump up the volumeRough Tradeyesyes
HTv13996.12.27Video6 Orbital BelfastMetronomeyesyes
HTv13996.12.27Video7 Kraftwerk Der TelefonanrufEMIyesyes
HTv13996.12.27Video8 Air Liquide ZeitgeberHarvestyesyes
HTv13996.12.27Video9 The Jacksons 5 Can you feel itSonyyesyes
HTv13996.12.27Platten1 Circulation (Joshua) Ex-TempoBalancePatterins [BL 08]noN/A
HTv13996.12.27Platten2 The New Phunk Theory DancerPaperyesN/A
HTv13996.12.27Platten3 Nail Sim CityClassic Music CompanynoN/A
HTv13996.12.27Platten4 Noosa Head BasisSoapyesN/A
HTv13996.12.27Platten5 Propellerheads Take CaliforniaWall Of SoundyesN/A
HTv 03.01.97 #140
Thema: Best of HouseTV Part I
HTv14097.01.03Video1 Todd Terry Keep on jumpin'Mercuryyesyes
HTv14097.01.03Video2 Ken Ishii ExtraR&Syesyes
HTv 10.01.97 #141
Thema: Best of HouseTV Part II
HTv14197.01.10Video1 Goldie Innercity lifeMetronomeyesyes
HTv14197.01.10Video2 Whirlpool From disco to discoMotoryesyes
HTv14197.01.10Video3 Afrika Bambaataa & The Soul Sonic Force Planet rockTommy Boyyesyes
HTv14197.01.10Video4 Westbam Born to bangLow Spirityesyes
HTv14197.01.10Video5 Xpansions Move your bodyAriolayesyes
HTv14197.01.10Video6 Orbital Live experienceLow Spirityesyes
HTv 17.01.97 #142
Thema: Sabine Christ und Chris Liebig in Australien I
HTv14297.01.17Video1 Quench DreamsSiriouse Musicyesyes
HTv14297.01.17Video2 Robert Armani Circus bells (Hardfloor Remix)Djax Upyesyes
HTv14297.01.17Video3 Speedy J PulloverArcadeyesno
HTv14297.01.17Video4 Mijk van Dijk All our coloursMfSyesyes
HTv14297.01.17Video5 Love Inc. R.E.S.P.E.C.T.Force Inc.yesno
HTv14297.01.17Video6 Sven Väth Harlequin - The beauty and the beastEye Qyesyes
HTv14297.01.17Video7 Leftfield OriginalSonyyesyes
HTv14297.01.17Video8 Prodigy CharlyIntercordyesyes
HTv14297.01.17Video9 Miss Djax Killer trainDjax Upyesyes
HTv14297.01.17Video10 Orbital Live experienceMetronomeyesyes
HTv 24.01.97 #143
Thema: Sabine Christ und Chris Liebig in Australien II
HTv14397.01.24Video1 Chubby Chunks Testament 4Edelyesno
HTv14397.01.24Video2 Tori Amos Professional widowEastWestyesyes
HTv14397.01.24Video3 DJ Duke Blow your whistleffrryesno
HTv14397.01.24Video4 Size 9 I'm readyVirginyesno
HTv14397.01.24Video5 Ruffneck Everybody be somebodyEMIyesyes
HTv14397.01.24Video6 Barbara Tucker Beautiful peopleStrictly Rhyhtmyesno
HTv14397.01.24Video7 Deee-Lite Picnic in the summertimeElektrayesyes
HTv14397.01.24Video8 Crystal Waters 100% pure loveMercuryyesyes
HTv14397.01.24Video9 Junior Vasquez Get your hands off my manEMIyesno
HTv14397.01.24Video10 Todd Terry Keep on jumpin'Mercuryyesyes
HTv14397.01.24Video11 Bucketheads Got myself togetherEMIyesyes
HTv14397.01.24Video12 Melanie Williams Everyday thangSonyyesno
HTv14397.01.24Video13 Shauna Davis Get awaySonyyesyes
HTv 31.01.97 #144
Thema: Australien-Report
HTv14497.01.31Video1 Armand van Helden The funk phenomenaHenry Streetyesyes
HTv14497.01.31Video2 Best Boy Electric DawningPolygramyesno
HTv14497.01.31Video3 Daft Punk Da funkVirginyesyes
Other videos shown in HouseTV
(Unknown dates)
HTv???.??.??Video? Andreas Dorau Girls In Loveyesyes
HTv???.??.??Video? Anthony Rother Trans Europa Expressnoyes
HTv???.??.??Video? Antonelli Electr.I Don't Want Nobodynoyes
HTv???.??.??Video? Aux 88Electro Technonoyes
HTv???.??.??Video? Aux 88 Play It Loudnoyes
HTv???.??.??Video? BeroshimaElectronic Discussionnoyes
HTv???.??.??Video? Blaze Lovelee Daenoyes
HTv???.??.??Video? Christopher Just I'm a Disco Dancernoyes
HTv???.??.??Video? Citizen XLonely Daysnoyes
HTv???.??.??Video? Cristian VogelGigantic Tantological Machinenoyes
HTv???.??.??Video? Death In VegasRocconoyes
HTv???.??.??Video? Eric D. ClarkFur Dancefloornoyes
HTv???.??.??Video? Future Funk Music Takes U Highnoyes
HTv???.??.??Video? Galaxy 2 Galaxy Journey of the Dragon (X-Mix 2)yesyes
HTv???.??.??Video? Hans Nieswand Freaksnoyes
HTv???.??.??Video? In State Of Flux Harpy Thingnoyes
HTv???.??.??Video? Inner CityTill we meet againnoyes
HTv???.??.??Video?KarmaMy Resting PlaceGroove Attack Rec.noyes
HTv???.??.??Video?WestbamAnd Partynoyes
HTv???.??.??Video?WestbamI Can't Stopnoyes
HTv???.??.??Video?Whirlpool ProductionsCrazy Musicnoyes
HTv???.??.??Video?Winx (Josh Wink)Sixth Sensenoyes