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Some Housefrau videos recorded occasionally before April 1995

ShowShow#DateType#ArtistTitleLabelAlbum/diskAudio avail.Video avail.
HF 17.06.94 #08
Gast: Westbam
Video available [first 30 minutes not avail.]
HF0894.06.17Video0 Westbam wizards of the sonicyesyes
HF0894.06.17Video0 Alien Factory destinyyesyes
HF0894.06.17Platten1 Mike Dred macrocosmR&SyesN/A
HF0894.06.17Platten2 Felix da Housecat thee morning afterre-loadyesN/A
HF0894.06.17Platten3 Aquastep toastwonka beatsyesN/A
HF0894.06.17Platten4 Rob Acid why?junkfoodyesN/A
HF0894.06.17Video0 Marusha it takes me awayyesyes
HF 08.07.94 #11
Thema: Love Parade
Video available [first 15 minutes not avail.]
HF1194.07.08Video0 CJ Bolland camargue (summer mix)yesyes
HF1194.07.08Video0 Jones & Stephenson the second rebirthyesyes
HF1194.07.08Video0 Aphex Twinonyesyes
HF1194.07.08Video0 O.T. Quartethold that sucker downyesyes
HF1194.07.08Platten1 Joey Beltram flash cube (track a1)trax recordsthe beltram re-releases 1989-1991 [TX5027]yesN/A
HF1194.07.08Platten2 Spectral bizarre planetsubliminal recordsyesN/A
HF1194.07.08Platten3 Robert Armani home improvementacvright to silence [ACVDP 06]yesN/A
HF1194.07.08Platten4 Walker don't fuck with cologne: track b2dj.ungle feveryesN/A
HF1194.07.08Platten5 Jeff Mills (Cycle 30) killer loops: loop 2 (track a2)axis/neutonCycle 30 [AX-008]yesN/A
HF1194.07.08Video0 Pascal Device follow me into the lighturbanyesyes
HF1194.07.08Video0 Robert Armani circus bellsyesyes
HF 22.07.94 #13
HF1394.07.22Video1 Orange Juice beside an orangeadam&eve rec.Orange Juice EP [ADAM 019]yesyes
HF1394.07.22Video2 Spooky schmooguerillaSchmoo/Gargantuanyesyes
HF1394.07.22Video3 United Artists Against Neofascism Save Germany! [NUKE (generations)+LSG (hearts)+DJ Tom (tolerance)+...] liquid rec.Save Germany! - United Artists Against Neofascism [LQ 015-2]yesno
HF1394.07.22Platten1 Exhume exhume (dsr) [not identical to "DSR - Exhume" from album "DSR - Miami" (WARP 19); has male vocal whispering words: "...innocence, times, speed of light, thought beyond feel, thought beyond desire"] Deep South Recordings (DSR)HAL 12507noN/A
HF1394.07.22Platten2 Ausgang wiressynewavesynewave 02yesN/A
HF1394.07.22Platten3 Hardtrax hardphunkprobeProbe 19yesN/A
HF1394.07.22Platten4 DJ Hell hot on the heels of lovedisko byesN/A
HF1394.07.22Platten5 Luke Slater quadphonikpeacefrogX-Tront vol. 3 EPyesN/A
HF1394.07.22Video4 Koxbox pipfugl (pipvugl, pipvugel, birdy)harthouseyesyes
HF1394.07.22Video5 Speedy J symmetrywarpyesyes
HF1394.07.22Video6 Space Frog hyperglide (lost in space)yesyes
HF1394.07.22Video7 LFO lfowarpyesyes
HF1394.07.22Video8 Onda Del Futuro amore senza finezyxyesyes
HF 29.07.94 #14
Gast: Hans Nieswandt
Video available
HF1494.07.29Video1 Dance Fever out on the dancefloor (X-Mix 2)yesyes
HF1494.07.29Video2 Moneypenny que serayesyes
HF1494.07.29Event0 Interview mit Hans Nieswandt N/Ayes
HF1494.07.29Video3 Kristine W feel what you wantyesyes
HF1494.07.29Video4 Nonstop Trancin' workingclassnoyes
HF1494.07.29Video5 Members of Mayday rave olympia (live)yesyes
HF1494.07.29Video6 Onda del Futuro amore senza fine (ambient version)yesyes
HF1494.07.29Platten1 X-Press 2 rock 2 housejunior boys ownyesN/A
HF1494.07.29Platten2 X-Press 2 hip housin' (felix da housecat remix) [erroneously labelled "rock 2 house"]junior boys ownhip housin' remixes [jnr004]yesN/A
HF1494.07.29Platten3 The Music Freaks wild pitchsex mafiayesN/A
HF1494.07.29Platten4 DJ Skull into myselfdjax-up-beatsmet 'l' gearyesN/A
HF1494.07.29Platten5 DJ Bleed sexy intelligence councildigital hardcore rec.uzi party epyesN/A
HF1494.07.29Video7 OBX eternal prayerascension/rising highyesyes
HF1494.07.29Video8 New Order blue monday (hardfloor rmx)yesyes
HF 05.08.94 #15
Thema: Cosmic Music
Gast:Sieg uber die Sonne
Video available [34 minutes only]
HF1594.08.05Video1 Evolution sparkling sunvisionaryyesyes
HF1594.08.05Video2 Planetary Assault System gatedstudio !k7X-Mix 2yesyes
HF1594.08.05Platten1 Oscar G (Gaetan) a better wayvibekoo koo monster epnoN/A
HF1594.08.05Platten2 Perry & Rhodan smile! (dooper legalize mix by paul cooper)step 2 housesmile! remixesyesN/A
HF1594.08.05Platten3 Cocker & Lazonby casanovasl&mcasanova [SL&M001]noN/A
HF1594.08.05Platten4 Emmanuel Top turkish bazarattackyesN/A
HF1594.08.05Platten5 Voodoo Child demonsnovamuteyesN/A
HF1594.08.05Video4 Juliet Robertscaught in the middlecool tempoyesyes
HF1594.08.05Video5 Sieg Uber Die Sonne adorodance poolyesyes
HF1594.08.05Video6 The ORB pomme fritzisland rec.yesyes
HF1594.08.05Video7 Westbam celebration generation (UK rmx, long version)low spirityesyes
HF1594.08.05Video8 Gilgamesh mind transplanttriggerVector Transformationyesno
HF 12.08.94 #16
HF1694.08.12Video1 Perplexer acid folkurbanyesyes
HF1694.08.12Video2 Genlog eiskaltlow spirityesyes
HF1694.08.12Video3 Kenny Larkin trackstudio k7X Mix 2yesyes
HF1694.08.12Video4 Plasma trancemitting vibrationsnono
HF1694.08.12Video5 Thunderball 2 it's your djbonzaiyesyes
HF1694.08.12Video6 Tropic of Capricorn tropic of capricornstudio k7!X-Mix 2yesyes
HF1694.08.12Video7 Psychick Warriors Ov Gaia out now!kk recordsyesyes
HF 19.08.94 #17
HF1794.08.19Video1 The Rotten Duckearthenergizedyesyes
HF1794.08.19Video2 The Bionaut the birth of a bionaut (bluebelle)yesno
HF1794.08.19Video3 The Prodigy charly [charlie]xl recordingsyesyes
HF1794.08.19Video4 House Of Usher acid take (session one)d:luxxyesyes
HF1794.08.19Video5 Marusha somewhere over the rainbowlow spirityesyes
HF1794.08.19Video6 Future Sound Of London lifeformsastralwerks ukyesyes
HF1794.08.19Video7 House Of Usher shadesspv,formaldehyd,r&s3Lux-2yesyes
HF 26.08.94 #18
HF1894.08.26Video1 The Prodigy voodoo peoplexl rec./muteyesyes
HF1894.08.26Video2 Microwave Prince i need your lovele petit princeyesyes
HF1894.08.26Video3 House Of Usher shades (amorph mix) [Shades 94 12" 1994]formaldehydyesyes
HF1894.08.26Video4 WARP-9 whammer slammerinternal affairs, waak rec., arcadeyesyes
HF1894.08.26Video5 Space Frog hyperglide (lost in space 2)yesyes
HF1894.08.26Video6 House Of Usher we need some love (x-mix)d:luxx/studio k7!yesyes
HF 02.09.94 #19
Gast: Mike Ink.
Video available
HF1994.09.02Video1 Pizzaman trippin' on sunshineyesyes
HF1994.09.02Video2 House of Usher we need some loved:luxxmalice in renderlandyesyes
HF1994.09.02Video3 Sabres of Paradise wilmotyesyes
HF1994.09.02Video4 SL2 on a raggatipyesyes
HF1994.09.02Video5 Love Inc. respect (r.e.s.p.e.c.t.)force inc.yesyes
HF1994.09.02Event6 Mike Ink live improvisationN/Ayesyes
HF1994.09.02Video7 The Speed Freak the solutionyesyes
HF1994.09.02Platten1 Anoesisprovidence island (track b1) d'fusionthe anoesis ep [dfr 12001]yesN/A
HF1994.09.02Platten2 XP ground hog (track a1)synewave 05ground hog epyesN/A
HF1994.09.02Platten3 Sven Väth the beauty and the beasteye qyesyes
HF1994.09.02Platten4 Dr. Fernando joint hover 1important belgium connection [imp 012]yesN/A
HF1994.09.02Platten5 Planetary Assault System react interactpeacefrog ukplanetary funk vol. 3yesN/A
HF1994.09.02Platten6 Nitrate nitration (track a1)labworksmaniac ep [lab 57]yesN/A
HF1994.09.02Video8 Future Sound Of London cascadeastralwerks ukyesyes
HF 09.09.94 #20
Gast: DJ Hell, Electric Indigo
Video available
HF2094.09.09Video1 Casseopaya overdose remixyesyes
HF2094.09.09Video2 Planetary Assault System gatedyesyes
HF2094.09.09Video3 Pizzamantrippin' on sunshineyesyes
HF2094.09.09Platten1 DBX beat phreak (beat freak) (track a2)peacefrog uklosing control [pfr 022]yesN/A
HF2094.09.09Platten2 DJ Sneak the lights part 1 (track a1)relief recordsblue funk ep [rr 707]yesN/A
HF2094.09.09Platten3 TATA Box Inhibitors plasmids (placid mix) (track a1)toucheplasmids ep [tou 9404]yesN/A
HF2094.09.09Platten4 Fascinating Rhythm bouncing balls (track aa1)plus 8the woodpecker [plus 8040]yesN/A
HF2094.09.09Platten5 Cyrus enforcement (track a1)basic channelenforcement [bc 01]yesN/A
HF2094.09.09Event0 DJ Hell live mix (incl.: DBX - losing control; + 2 more)N/AN/Ayesyes
HF2094.09.09Video4 Westbam celebration generation (UK rmx)yesyes
HF2094.09.09Video5 Koxbox pipfugl (pipvugel)yesyes
HF2094.09.09Event0 Electric Indigolive mix (incl.: DJ Hell - like that; Mike Dearborn - rubberband man; DJ Skull - distortion; + 1 more)yesyes
HF2094.09.09Video6 Moby goyesyes
HF2094.09.09Video7 Autechre basscadet (bcdtmx)yesyes
HF 16.09.94 #21
Gast: Sven Väth
Video available
HF2194.09.16Video1 Sven Väth accident in paradiseyesyes
HF2194.09.16Video2 CJ Bolland camargue (summer mix) (always looking for sunshine)yesyes
HF2194.09.16Video3 Orbital lush 3.1yesyes
HF2194.09.16Video4 Kenny Larkin trackx-mix 2yesyes
HF2194.09.16Video5 Sven Väth harlequin - the beauty and the beastyesyes
HF2194.09.16Video6 Future Sound of London lifeformsyesyes
HF2194.09.16Platten1 Burger Industries jailhouse rock pt.1eat rawvol. 3 - virtual elvis [eat004]yesN/A
HF2194.09.16Platten2 The Roy Davis Project III hydrolic acid 94strictly rhythmclap your hands [sr 12274]yesN/A
HF2194.09.16Platten3 DJ Skull panic (track a1) red cat records skitzo frantic ep [rc 005]yesN/A
HF2194.09.16Platten4 Mike Dearborn move (mind burn mix) (track a1) djax up beatsunpredictable [djax-up-207]yesN/A
HF2194.09.16Platten5 Waveforms vexation (track a1)RHR 1sector one ep [rhr 01]yesN/A
HF2194.09.16Video7 Sven Väth la esperanzayesyes
HF2194.09.16Video8 Essence of Nature blue orchideestudio k7!X Mix 2yesyes
HF 23.09.94 #22
Gast: The Grid
Video available
HF2294.09.23Video1 DJ Hooligan rave nationultraphonic, eastwest uk, ultrahardyesyes
HF2294.09.23Video2 Charly Lownoise & The Mental Theo live at londonyesyes
HF2294.09.23Video3 Mind X feel the generationyesyes
HF2294.09.23Video4 Para-Dizer song of liberationyesyes
HF2294.09.23Video5 The Grid rollercoasteryesyes
HF2294.09.23Video6 Indian Vibes matharyesyes
HF2294.09.23Platten1 Laurent Garnier the forcef-communicationsshot in the darkyesN/A
HF2294.09.23Platten2 Whirlpool tripselnd (the original trip)superstitionthe immunity syndrome epyesN/A
HF2294.09.23Platten3 Air Liquide sonority canonsmile comm.air liquide [sm 9004]yesN/A
HF2294.09.23Platten4 Ian Pooley twin godsforce inc.twin gods ep [fim 066]yesN/A
HF2294.09.23Platten5 Planet Gong mind toolzdjax-up-beatsmode 326yesN/A
HF2294.09.23Video7 DJ Dero batucada (bartucada)yesyes
HF 14.10.94 #25
Gast: Steve Mason, P.E.T.E
Video available
HF2494.10.14Video1 RMB redemptionyesyes
HF2494.10.14Video2 M-Beat & General Levy incredibleyesyes
HF2494.10.14Video3 Shaolin Wooden Men oharyesyes
HF2494.10.14Event4 Orbital live yesyes
HF2494.10.14Video5 Orbital are we hereyesyes
HF2494.10.14Video6 Steve Mason Experience Movement gabriel's party yesyes
HF2494.10.14Platten1 DJ Duke throw ya handspower music traxblack rhythms vol. 4noN/A
HF2494.10.14Platten2 The Aloof drumflaw recordingsFLAW 007yesN/A
HF2494.10.14Platten3 Ausgang 2 track b1synewavethe journey continues [sw 06]yesN/A
HF2494.10.14Platten4 Zoot kinky sexhumanity musicnoN/A
HF2494.10.14Platten5 Acid Warrior acid bitesjunk foodyesN/A
HF2494.10.14Video7 TEVO (T.E.V.O.=Thomas Ernst Vertonungs Orchester) tevolution [2:55]yesyes
HF 21.10.94 #26
HF2694.10.21Video1 Mijk van Dijk (Microglobe) all our coloursyesyes
HF2694.10.21Video2 Sunbeam high adventure [4:05]yesyes
HF2694.10.21Video3 Marusha ravelandyesyes
HF2694.10.21Video4 Space Frog time slip (lost in space vol. 1) [5:54]yesyes
HF2694.10.21Video5 Laurent Garnier astral dreams f communicationsyesyes
HF2694.10.21Video6 Paul van Dyk pump this partyyesyes
HF2694.10.21Video7 Mouse On Mars future days [future dub]yesyes
HF 28.10.94 #27
HF2794.10.28Video1 Moby feeling so real (westbam rmx)yesyes
HF2794.10.28Video2 Members of Mayday we are differentyesyes
HF2794.10.28Video3 Underworld cowgirl [7:46]yesyes
HF2794.10.28Video4 Plasticman (Plastikman) plastiqueyesyes
HF2794.10.28Video5 Toxic Twins skyscraper yesno
HF2794.10.28Video6 Mouse On Mars frosch yesyes
HF 04.11.94 #28
HF2894.11.04Video1 Urban Baal thorn of distortionyesyes
HF2894.11.04Video2 Rainald Götz (Goetz) mädchen [maedchen]yesyes
HF2894.11.04Video3 Orbital halcyonyesyes
HF2894.11.04Video4 Sensorama nagelbrettyesyes
HF2894.11.04Video5 Livin' Joy dreameryesyes
HF2894.11.04Video6 Wild Bill Hickok pink joeoverdoseyesno
HF 11.11.94 #29
Thema: X-Mix 3
HF2994.11.11Video1 Cal-Q-Lator dr. bradford (X Mix 3)k7!yesyes
HF2994.11.11Video2 FUSE vs LFO loop (X Mix 3)k7!yesyes
HF2994.11.11Video3 LSG blueprint version 2 [erroneously named "fragile" in Housefrau; the "fragile (ice age mix)" in X-Mix 3 is actually "blueprint version 1", slightly different from version 2]superstition, k7!yesyes
HF2994.11.11Video4 Scanner mass observation (X Mix 3)k7!yesyes
HF2994.11.11Video5 Hardfloor alternative [erroneously named "roarrh" in X Mix 3]k7!yesyes
HF2994.11.11Video6 The Acid Didj acid didj three (X Mix 3)k7!yesyes
HF2994.11.11Video7 Orson Karte metamorphosis (X Mix 3)k7!yesyes
HF2994.11.11Video8 Barada glue (X Mix 3)k7!yesyes
HF2994.11.11Video0 Jeyenne das nippelmmsyesyes
HF2994.11.11Video0 Navigate alien signals sub terraneanRave Mission - Interactive Story Vol. 1yesyes
HF2994.11.11Video0 Drax Three phosphenetropeyesyes
HF2994.11.11Video0 Speedy J pepper (rmx)X-Mix 3yesyes
HF2994.11.11Video0 Michelle Gayle sweetness (rmx) [LTJ Bukem Mellow Drum & Bass Mix]yesyes
HF2994.11.11Video0 Mijk van Dijk all our coloursyesyes
HF2994.11.11Video0 DJ Hooligan rave nation [piano mix]yesyes
HF2994.11.11Video0 Westbam celebration generation (westbam UK rmx)low spirityesyes
HF2994.11.11Video0 Westbam celebration generation (original video edit)low spirityesyes
HF2994.11.11Video0 Tranceparents child six heidi of switzerlandThe Family Albumyesyes
HF #??
HF??94.09.??Video0 Hexagone burning trash flooryesyes
HF????.??.??Video0 Omni Mode galaxy of rhythmloving edGalaxy Of Rhythm 12''yesyes
HF????.??.??Video0 Omni Mode face of droid [3:47]loving edFace Of Droid 12'' [Belgium Jan 1995]yesyes
HF????.??.??Video0 Biosphere novelty waves [3:31]yesyes
HF????.??.??Video0 Nalin Inc. planet orange [3:15]yesyes
HF????.??.??Video0 Raver's Nature take off [3:30]yesyes
HF????.??.??Video0 Moby goyesyes
HF????.??.??Video0 Moby feeling so real (westbam rmx) [5:47]yesyes
HF????.??.??Video0 Moby everytime you touch me [3:30]yesyes
HF????.??.??Video0 Robotnico II backtired [3:17]yesyes
HF????.??.??Video0 Aurora Borealis raz [2:40]yesyes
HF????.??.??Video0 Cosmic Baby tribute to bladerunner [3:48]yesyes
HF????.??.??Video0 Perfecto Allstarz reach up (papa's got a brand new pig bag) [3:30]yesyes
HF????.??.??Video0 Casseopaya musikmaker (arpeggiators rmx) [4:04]yesyes
HF????.??.??Video0 The ORB the blue room [3:43]yesyes
HF????.??.??Video0 The ORB pomme fritz [3:58]yesyes
HF #??
HF????.??.??Video0 Raver's Nature take off [3:30]yesyes
HF????.??.??Video0 Mory Kante yeke yeke '95 (12" hardfloor mix) [6:20]yesyes
HF????.??.??Video0 Caspar Houser black & white (video edit)3 lankaIzanaginono CD, 12''
HF????.??.??Video0 DJ Tomcraft & Mephisto this is no houseyesyes
HF????.??.??Video0 Technohead i wanna be a hippie [3:15]yesyes
HF????.??.??Video0 Laika marimba song [3:22]yesyes
HF????.??.??Video0 DJ Cam dieu reconnaitra les siens [4:00]yesyes
HF????.??.??Video0 New Order blue monday (hardfloor rmx) [3:42]yesyes
HF????.??.??Video0 Goldie inner city life [3:40]yesyes
HF????.??.??Video0 Locust penetration [2:37]yesyes
HF????.??.??Video0 Moby into the blue (spiritual mix) [3:27]yesyes
HF????.??.??Video0 Space Frog time slip (lost in space)yesyes
HF????.??.??Video0 Star Wash disco fans (three mixes in one)yesyes
HF????.??.??Video0 Jones & Stephenson The Second Rebirthyesyes
HF????.??.??Video0 Orange Juice This is My Homeyesyes
HF????.??.??Video0 Pascal Device Violet Spaceyesyes
HF????.??.??Video0 Nightcrawlers Push the feeling onyesyes
HF????.??.??Video0 Members of Mayday Bells of Reformationyesyes
HF????.??.??Video0 Bucketheads The bomb (These sounds fall into my mind)yesyes
HF????.??.??Video0 Sun Electric Entrance [X-Mix 4]yesyes
HF????.??.??Video0 Tuner Max Tunertrack Onenono
HF????.??.??Video0 Kraftwerk Tour de Franceyesyes
HF????.??.??Video0 Humate Love Stimulation [X-Mix 1]yesyes
HF????.??.??Video0 The Putney [Pete Namlook & Ludwig Rehberg] Putney Dustyesyes
HF????.??.??Video0 Sagat Why Is It? (Funk that, Funk dat)yesyes
HF????.??.??Video0 Drome Hypobankyesno
HF????.??.??Video0 Morgenroth E'elayesyes
HF????.??.??Video0 Imperial Brothers We come to dub [X-Mix 7]Cuttingyesyes
HF????.??.??Video0 City Child ImmuneISM ProductionsImmune/Easyyesyes
HF????.??.??Video0 City Child Somethingyesyes
HF????.??.??Video0 Daft Punk Around The World yesyes