Short info about Housefrau
Occasional Housefrau Playlists (1994-1995)
Regular Housefrau / HouseTV records (1995-1996)
Berlin House (1997-2000)
Viva Trance (1996)

Short info about Housefrau

What is Housefrau?
A one-hour TV-show with videoclips, invited electronic musicians and didjs, reports from *Rave* events (parties, open-air, trips), information about trance/techno labels, reviews of vinyl & compilations, live mixes of guest djs.
When did it run?
It ran weekly on Viva TV:
Presentation - Friday 22:00-23:00, review - Saturday 13:00-14:00 (not always), second review - Tuesday 00:00-01:00 (night from Tuesday to Wednesday).
All times are Central European (CET=+1 GMT with winter/summer one-hour correction, as conventional in Europe). Housefrau started after 1/2 year of the birth of Viva TV, on the 29 April 1994, if one believes to the numeration carried out by HousePool team. After 80 editions (in December 1995) Housefrau was renamed to House TV, and later (in April 1997) to Berlin House. Another show that presented trance, ambient & techno video clips was called Viva Trance and ran for a certain period in 1996. The presenter was Mate Galic alone. He showed clips once per week every Saturday-to-Sunday night at 02:00 CET.
Who did it?
The presenters of Housefrau/House TV were Mate Galic (till April 1997) and Sabine Christ (till January 1999). The presenters of Berlin House were dj Disko (till March 1999) with Sabine Christ, and Sascha Kaus (since March 1999 till May 1999). In June 1999 Berlin House became a video translation with no interviews and without presenters. Additional info on HF/HTv/BH history read here (in Deutsch). Here is a brief info about Housefrau from Marc Dienewald (Star Wash), one of the editors of early HF.

The idea for Housefrau came soon after the start of Viva. Until then, there was only MTV, a tv channel oriented on British music. Techno, trance and house were already big in Germany, and ready to boom big time. Two women had the original idea. Andrea Junker, Hamburg-based booker and publisher, and Antonia Langsdorf, ex-presenter of "Tanzhouse" on Tele-5, the very first German music channel during the late 80's. They wrote a concept that Viva bought in 1994. Presenters were found through casting. Mate Galic was originally invited as an interview partner, changed sides for a try and did an interview with Mark Spoon, who tried to provoke him. Mate stayed cool and got the job. Sabine Christ got the job because "she's so natural and pronounces so clearly". They were both deejays, playing acid (Mate) and house (Sabine).
Editorial team:

  • Marc Dienewald, Head of editorial office, and musician (Star Wash, etc.).
  • Anja Huwe, editor, musician (Xmal Deutschland).
  • Sylvie Kleindienst, editor.
The editorial office was based in Hamburg. Anja Huwe moved to Cologne to take care of the weekly production. Marc did the playlists, collected the videoclips and did the video reports, taking weekly turns with Sylvie.
Additional info on Viva?
Viva TV sends TV-Text since 1995, so the information of House TV / Berlin House and Viva Trance was available in text format on the TV. VivaText also contained various sections about Techno and Trance Movement, parties, compilations and albums, new videos on Viva TV. Berlin House info was constantly placed at VivaText Seite 322.
What kind of info do I possess?
  1. I have audio (tape-recorded) tracks for all the stuff presented below (with few exceptions when I lost data), from July 1994 (occasional records) and from April 1995 (regular records). The shows marked N/A are not my fault --- I could only record when our local Cable TV translated Viva in our town. But some stuff was actually lost by my blame.
  2. I had video records of all shows and Viva Trance from April 1996 till August 1996. They were all stolen... Fortunately I wrote down on paper the titles of some of those videos (which you see below), so we can now search for them elsewhere...
  3. I have some occasional video records of years 1997, 1998 (made in winter/summer holidays). They are stored in my home town; I hope to get them soon, and then I'll provide the listings of those shows as well.
Links in the Internet?
Unfortunately, I couldn't find much about Housefrau. Here are the links I know yet: Also you may download complete editions of HousePool magazine, with Housefrau/HouseTV reviews inside (files
Link to some Berlin House playlists:
MP3 music available?
Yes, I search intensively for all (with few exceptions) the stuff below, and I succeeded with many of tracks. I can't expose them on my server, but you can ask for a preview by e-mail. You will obtain the file only to get acquainted with the Housefrau art, and you must delete the file after one listening.

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